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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pregnancy: 30 Weeks

(shirt-Pea in the Pod; Pants: Maternity Old Navy Rockstar Jeans, which BTW, are SO comfortable! Why didn't I invest in these before?!)
This week I'm feeling anxious, excited, and ready. Most days I can't wait and think that 10 weeks seems like eternity and then I start thinking about all that I have left to do with work and Sawyer (we're potty training right now) and it makes me hope that time would slow down.

But the kicks, punches, and hiccups are very consistent and strong these days. This little boy has quite the personality and I can already tell its very different from Mr. Laid-back Sawyer who never moved a lot and was totally fine with just hanging out. I have a feeling this one will put us through the ringer especially with sleeping when the punches, dance parties, and kicking is the most strong.

In terms of weight, I'm up 18 pounds, which is the same when I was pregnant with Sawyer. I'm trying to work out, but most days, I'm just doing a 20-minute youtube video and call it a day. That being said, playing and chasing a toddler is quite a workout in itself.

For food, I'm trying to be healthy and I started drinking Red Raspberry Tea, which was recommended to me by my midwife. It's supposed to help my immune system, promote better circulation and strengthen the uterine muscles. I'm supposed to drink 1-2 cups a day, so I make a big batch of ice tea with a little agave and try to drink it with lunch and snack.

In other news, we bought the bassinet stand and I'm going to try to order artwork for the nursery this week. Thankfully, we don't need a lot of stuff because of Sawyer and Christmas, so that makes this time around so much easier.

That's all for now! I do want to try and update more on this pregnancy though. Its been incredibly helpful to look back on my last pregnancy posts, so I want to be better at documenting this one as well. Hopefully, I'll have the time over the next 10ish weeks.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pregnancy: 27 Weeks & Chadwicks of Boston

(Sawyer's way of saying CHEESE!)

27 weeks and finally entering into the third trimester! I can't believe how much work I still have left to do. Thankfully, we have the crib, rug, and clothes in place, but we still need a few odds and ends to make his room more personalized and feel like it's really his instead of Sawyer's. 

For the most part, I'm feeling really good. Exercise is getting a little slow and I try to stay active, but its been a challenge. Last week, Sawyer had his last swim lesson and I think I was more ecstatic then he was. Bouncing a toddler in the water, helping him float and kick, and swinging him around probably wasn't the best move for someone whose pregnant and I would be so wore out or sore afterwards. 

In terms of other exercise, I'm honestly just finding youtube pregnancy videos to do whenever I have spare time. They are easy, quick, and I don't have to venture out in the cold to the gym. That being said, I do try to do at least one gym trip a week whether that be going to a class or walking on the treadmill. I do want to try to work out as much as I did with Sawyer. I-and my doctor-honestly believe that helps so much with pregnancy, baby, and postpartum health. 

Best Moment:
Sawyer's Christmas program! His two-year old class just sat on the stairs shaking bells while the big kids sang, but Z and I were eating it up. He recorded the whole thing and I had my camera out. Then at the end, Z turned to me and said, "He's just so grown up." That's when I started to cry. I can't believe that he's in preschool and on stage. Time really flies. 

Fashion: I'm up 13 lbs and not a lot of my clothes are fitting me right now, so I'm relying a lot on dresses, leggings, and maternity tops. Thankfully, Chadwicks of Boston reached out to me and asked if I would try out one or two of their pieces. They aren't a maternity company, but I ordered this dress in a size up and I love it. It's so comfortable, stretchy, and I love the colors. If you are looking for a great piece-maternity or not-then I would definitely recommend them. 

Finally, I'm looking forward to this week because of CHRISTMAS, but also our babymoon! Z and I are taking a quick 5-day trip to Mexico and I can't wait! It'll be such a fun time to just relax and hang out before the start of this next adventure.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

20 Weeks-Growing, Growing!

20 weeks and this pregnancy is flying by and with the holidays right around the corner, I'm sure it will soon go by even faster! At 20 weeks, I'm feeling great, but can now only wear maternity jeans. I'm still able to fit into some non-maternity shirts and I'm hoping to ride that wave as long as I can. I have to say that I personally liked being pregnant in the summer better. With Sawyer, I could just rock maxi dresses all season and I only bought one or two maternity pieces. Now, I have to invest in maternity shirts, pants and sweaters and  it's stressful on me and my wallet.

Other than that, the best part about this last week was seeing our little one on the ultrasound machine. They were putting on a show just like he/she was at 12 weeks. I feel like this one is going to be rambunctious and full of energy. I just feel it.

And this pregnancy has made me so thankful that I blog. Z and I keep looking back at my entries with Sawyer to see what's changed or what's similar between the two. It's been really interesting and neat to see, so thanks for still checking in while we are on this journey.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Enjoying Week Before Baby.

As my pregnancy ends and this new chapter quickly begins, I wanted to share with you some of the ways I've prepared for baby especially in this last week. Maybe it will help you once you are anticipating for your own little one or perhaps you can tell me ways in which you prepared so next time I can have another trick or two to add to this list.

Preparing for baby: 

Take Time for Yourself: After the baby comes, its hard to find time for yourself-or that is what I've been told-so I used this week to relax and chose activities that would uplift and relax me. Instead of blogging, I finished a book (that I've been halfway through for a few weeks now), went on a walk with a friend, had lunch with my aunt and watched one of my favorite shows, Revenge.  They were all things that I considered relaxing, rewarding, and wonderfully selfish of my time.


Have a fancy date night: This pregnancy has mostly been about me: my cravings, my doctor appointments, and how I'm feeling, so I let Z chose where he wanted our last big date night to be. It could be anywhere and anything, so being the boy he is, he picked a steakhouse. During dinner, we didn't care about the price, worry about the time, take our phones out or think what we were doing for the rest of the week.  We just relaxed in each other's company and reflected on the last 9 months. It was one of the best last dates.

Being Responsible: Monday, I worked all day on schoolwork and tied up loose ends with my advisor. I'm proud to report that I have actually completed all of my semester's work just in time for baby. I worked evenings, weekends, and during lunches to do this, but it is accomplished and allowed me to relax from Tuesday until baby.

I also made sure that bills were paid and checks were cashed because I did not want to have those things hanging over my head once I got home, so anything I could do NOW I did it. In addition, I made 2 of my favorite meals to freeze so when parents are gone and guests are no longer bringing over food, I could have something ready to pop in the oven and again, not have to think about.

As you can tell, I'm all about not having to do anything over the next few weeks and months except play and enjoy being a Momma.

Cleaning Up: Some of the chores-nesting activities- that I wanted done before baby were: deep clean of the bathroom, mop the floors, dust, clean the sheets, change some light bulbs, all the trash cans emptied, dishes cleaned, dishwasher emptied and to make sure that there was no laundry in the baskets. I knew I didn't want to walk into a dirty house or one with one chore I had to attend to.

Slowing Down: I made sure that my bosses, co-workers, and everyone at work knew that I would be coming back after my maternity leave, which I am grateful is so generous. I also let my tutoring clients know that I wouldn't be working again until late January/early February. This way my bosses were at ease and my clients were given the option of finding a new tutor if not having someone for their child was a issue for them.

So what did you do to mentally prepare yourself for baby? Or a huge life event? I would love to know.


As this chapter closes, I wanted to thank you all for following me on this crazy adventure. It has really meant a lot to me and you were such a source of encouragement to me when we had a few bumps in the road and also a resource when I didn't know what baby items to buy, so thank you. 

 And to my friends, I've been so blessed. Your text messages from afar, your emails that start in all CAPS and finish with twenty !!!!! have been the best. I'm so glad that you are in my life and will be apart of Baby O's as well. 

Now, what do you say, let's go have this baby! 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Flip, Baby, Flip-Breech Baby.

Hello and happy Friday!

This week has been a little bit of a whirlwind for me. We found out last week that baby boy is breech, which basically means he's a stinker. He's been head's down this whole pregnancy and now in our final week, he decides to do his own thing and flip into a frank breech position. 

(Image from.)
After confirming this by ultrasound, OB/GYN said that I had 2 options: 1. I could plan a c-section right then and there or  2. I could try a external cephalic version. A external cephalic version (version) is where they manually try to turn the baby from its breech position to heads down. Fetal monitoring is done the whole time, so there is no harm to the baby or mother. She then followed it up saying that the success rate is pretty low--a little than less than 50%. 

After she told me this, I ended up crying. I never really cared about having a c-section, but when she said that my option of having natural labor was slim to done, I couldn't help but feel robbed. I had always pictured myself rushing to the hospital in the middle of the night and getting to experience all the pains of birth. You want to experience pain? Yeah, I know, its crazy, but I did. It was the birth experience that I had always imagined. 

Even though the chances of success were slim, I agreed and went with option number 2-the version. I chose it because there aren't any serious risks associated with it and my doctor recommended it. Plus, the worst that could happen would be baby's heart rate might slow during the procedure and then I would be rolled in for a c-section right there. Since that was a slim risk, Z and I were asked to make sure we went to the hospital with bags packed. 

The evening after we received our news, I went to a Junior League meeting and one of the girl's in my committee is a Natural Doctor who gave me other natural options that I could try before the version. Some of these included: 

  • Acupuncture
  • Visiting a Chiropractor who specializes in the Webster Method
  • Moxibustion, which is a Chinese herb that involves warming a acupuncture pressure points
  • Lay with your hips elevated on pillows
  • Put cold on the top of your stomach and warm at the bottom. Baby is supposed to move towards the warm and away form the cold.
The first thing we tried was the Moxibustion stick that my friend brought over the following day. Its a cigar looking stick rolled with mugwort plant which you light at one end. It is supposed to stimulate fetal movement and push babies in the correct position. You place it put it near the acupunture pressure points for 10 minutes. It definitely caused him to move, but not flip. Bummer. 

This last week I also laid with my hips elevated on pillows and then put cold on the top of my stomach and warm on the bottom. Nothing. No movement whatsoever.

The scheduled version was this afternoon and yup, it didn't work either. By the time I went it, I was so hungry because you can't eat 6 hours before the procedure. Then my doctor gave me some medication that would relax my uterus (but speed up my heart rate-go figure).  While they were giving me the IV and medication, they set up the monitors to watch the baby's heartbeat the whole time. They also checked on baby boy every 3-4 minutes on the ultrasound machine to make sure that the version didn't stress out the baby and also to make sure his heart rate wasn't slowing. 

Our baby didn't care that he was being turned at all. He was just along for the ride and honestly, even though I read that versions are supposed to be really painful for the mother, it wasn't for me. Don't get me wrong, it was definitely uncomfortable, but nothing that I-or baby boy- couldn't handle. 

As you can probably guess, our baby didn't end of up turning and after about 20 minutes the doctors stopped the procedure. Turns out baby's got back--yup, his butt is too big to be turned into position. 

After the procedure, my doctor, Z and I set up the c-section date and then monitored the baby for an hour afterwards to make sure that baby was okay and his heart rate was fine, which thankfully it was. 

Things I've learned in the last week, that c-sections are definitely not the worst things. I was just nervous because I didn't know anything about them at first, but after talking to a lot of women at work and then reading more about it, I'm totally fine with it. 

C-sections are safe, on the rise, and I won't be laboring for hours only to find out I have to have an emergency c-section. That would be scary and something I wouldn't want to go through. I want the doctors to take their time and not be rushing to get the baby out as soon as possible. 

Plus, the best news of it all is that in the end, I will have a baby-a healthy, happy, beautiful baby-and even though the way I get him wasn't apart of the plan, it will still be the most beautiful experience and one that I will never forget. Now, the countdown to seeing baby boy is on and I can't wait! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Maternity Pictures.

Last night we got our maternity pictures back from our amazing photographer, Lindsay Ferraris who was such a joy to be with and is so enthusiast about her job that it just shows through in all of her work. I've never been able to say this, but I truly love all of the pictures she took that day and am so glad that we captured this special moment for Z and I. However, if I had to choose some favorites here's the ones I would pick:

I saw this idea on pinterest and loved it. I tied a blue scarf to represent our son during this part of the shoot.

Then Z and I tied our 2 baby blankets together and wrapped up in them. 

I love the pictures of us with our baby blankets. It made the shoot much more personal to us. 

Thanks again, Lindsay and guys, seriously, if you are ever in the Bay area or need to capture a special event--reach out to her! You won't be disappointed. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

36 Weeks--1 Month to Go!

{Madewell Sweater, Old Navy Skirt, Preggers Tights and Boots from a consignment shop}

I waited until Wednesday to post my pregnancy update because in exactly 1 month I will have reached my due date and will hopefully have a baby in my arms. Sometimes I think this pregnancy is going by so slowly and then I think it won't be long now until our family turns from 2 people to 3.

Aside from the excitement of finally meeting our little guy and running around like a crazy person getting all of his things things together, I think the hardest part lately has been dressing myself. However, a few weeks ago a company called Preggers approached me to try out their leggings and tights which offers:

"Mamas-to-be fashionable and comfortable support which improves circulation, preventing swelling, and energizing tired legs."

For a teacher who is up on her feet for most of the day, I was intrigued by the phrases prevent swelling and energize legs. I mean..yes please!

My honest review: 
I don't know about you, but I've never tried compression leggings or hose before so let's just say it was a scene watching me put these bad boys on. I'm huge enough as it is and figuring out to squeeze myself into these tights was a bit hilarious to me, my husband, and I'm sure our pup.

However, I did decide to give them a second shot and right away I felt a difference. I think with all of my stretching and pulling from the other night, I was able to put them on A LOT  more easily. They also really did help my legs feel more energized throughout the day and I know I will end up wearing them on days when I'm dressing up for work  or for those fall months when I need to throw on a pair of tights.

And in regards to reducing swelling  and if these leggings helped me with that, I don't know. I haven't had that problem nor have I had to deal with poor circulation, so if you have these issues then they might be the tights for you!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

35 Weeks-Pregnancy Must Haves.

Happy Labor Day! 

I hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend and soaking up the last of the summer sun! Today I wanted to share with you some of my pregnancy must-haves for two reasons: 

1. I wanted to share with you some of the things that have really helped me over the last 8 months
 2. I still have 5 weeks left, so if YOU have any great tips or pregnancy must-haves then I would love to know so I can try them out before little man makes this arrival. 

Now here are some things that have helped me over the last 35 weeks: 

1. Burt's Bees Mama Bee. My skin has gotten increasingly itchy as it grows and conforms to a growing baby and this oil has helped out tremendously. It has a sweet smell, is light-weight and is the perfect thing to keep my skin soft and itch-free.

2. Gap Maternity Leggings. I have worn these super soft leggings 3 times in the last week-they are that comfortable. Plus, they have a low waistband, so I will definitely be rocking them after baby too.

3. Be Band. The Be Band is the reason I only have one pair of maternity pants and shorts. I LOVED that until recently I was able to still wear my regular pants, shorts, and skirts. This little elastic band allows you to wear your pants unzipped that accommodates your growing belly, but keeps your pants up at the same time.  My budget and wardrobe has been very thankful for this little invention.

4. Mangos and Pineapples. I'm pretty sure this must-have will only relate to me, but keeping a stock of the foods I crave has helped with any midnight cravings I might have.

5. Massage Tools. Throughout my pregnancy, the one downside has been the at times intolerable back-pain. I have Z work out the knots and sore spots, but little massage tools have helped out as well.

6. Finally, the BEST thing is how I lay on my pillows-the idea came from my husband-and it has REALLY helped out with my back pain or hip soreness in the morning. So what we do is put two pillows on both sides of my body I'm laying on 2 inches on each pillow. Then I lay down in the middle. The four pillows hold me up and give me support from my shoulders to below my hips. I highly suggest trying this. It has REALLY helped me out a lot and now I'm sleeping through the night.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

34 Weeks--6 More to Go!

{H&M Black Shirt Non-Maternity, Target Sweater, ASOS Maternity Jeans, Target Leopard Flats}
This weekend marked the beginning of 34 weeks for us and here's a little update on what's been going on:

Symptoms: I'm tired--no, exhausted! After I get home from work, I sleep for a good 2 hours and then walk around like a zombie for the rest of the evening. Thankfully, my husband has picked up the slack and been really good about tidying up and helping out around the house when all I want to do is just lay in bed. Tomorrow, I start back into grad school, so we'll see how that goes along with my student teaching schedule. 

Sleep: Speaking of sleep, I'm a pro at falling asleep and staying asleep. I hope that continues to stay the same as the weeks progress. 

Exercise: I'm walking for about an hour and a half 2 times a week and then this Saturday I took a cycling class with Z. I wasn't able to fully participate because I have to watch my heart rate to make sure it doesn't go over 160 bpm, but I was able to spin along to the music when the rest of the class was climbing hills or adding resistance. 

Hospital Tour & Class: Last week, Z and I went to a 4 hour class that the hospital provides to expectant parents. The hours were split into different topics ranging from how to put a car seat in the correct way to pain management to finding a pediatrician. I learned that at our hospital 80% of women request to get an epidural, which is a shot in your back that blocks pain to a particular region. I'm all about it and think I am leaning towards that route whenever I start active labor. 

Thing I'm Most Looking Forward To: My baby shower! I have two sweet girlfriends who are throwing me a shower in September and I'm really excited to be able to see good friends and get more things in anticipation for the little guy's big arrival. 

Also, a big THANK YOU to everyone who entered into the babypenelope giveaway on Friday. I'm so excited to see who will win when I announce the winner on Thursday! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

This Weekend (Maternity Pictures, Nursery Additions & A Bike Race)

This weekend was one of accomplishments. On Saturday, Z participated in his first bike race, Tour de Menlo Park and Sadie and I were able to meet him at the halfway point to grab a quick lunch with him before he biked on. I'm really proud of him, especially after seeing all the hills he had to bike up and down throughout the course. I'm so glad that he found something he is passionate about.

That afternoon, we put down the carpet in our nursery and also hung a little pirate ship wheel on the baby's wall. The room is slowly, but surely coming together and I can't wait to show you all once everything is ordered and in place, which will probably be in a few weeks when our Little Castle Glider comes in.

That evening, we had our maternity photo shoot with Lindsay Ferraris Photography. Lindsay was beyond kind and made us feel right at ease, which is saying something because I always get so nervous and awkward when people take my picture. Plus, she totally got my vision and from the looks of the photos she sent over for a sneak peak, she nailed it head on. I could not recommend her enough to those of you who live in the Bay area. Aside from the link above, you can also click on her button on my sidebar to be directed to her website.
33 weeks.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DIY Baby Closet Hangers

It is exactly one week until school starts, so I'm busy organizing and setting up the baby's room before time slips away from me and the weeks fly by. One thing I've been wanting to do is organize the closet by months, so I know what to grab when and have all the sizes in order and ready to go in October. 

The organizational hangers were extremely easy to make and only cost me about $6 at Michaels, which fit perfectly into my dwindling nursery budget. All you need is a few scrapbook pages, scissors, cardboard, paint pens and spray glue. 

First, you cut cardboard into the size and shape that you want and then cut the scrapbooking pages into that particular shape. After that you just spray glue them together. 

Then I divided the hangers into the month ranges that I've seen in the stores. 

And now the clothes are organized and arranged. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

32 Weeks & A Heartfelt Confession.

Baby O was a unplanned baby and with any unplanned curve balls there has to be a little juggling and sacrifice in regards to schedules, goals and expectations. That is where we are right now. Right now, I am currently in a teacher preparation program--actually smack dab in it--and have a graduation date of May 2013. It fit perfectly with my husband's MBA program and would allow us to both leave California with graduate degrees in fields that interested and drove us. 

With being in the middle of a program, I've spent the last few weeks wondering how I was going to juggle it all: the coursework, student teaching hours and then wondering if it was possible to score a few more tutoring jobs on the side for extra pocket money. However, as I'm nearing the end of my pregnancy, I'm quickly realizing how strong my desire is to stay at home and how part of me--a big part actually-wants to just quit and be stay-at-home mom. 

However, the other part of me-and my husband-thinks that I should just finish this out. I'm so close to getting my degree and within the field of education, I can take a few years off after getting it and spend time at home with the baby. After countless nights of thinking about this, conferencing my advisor, spending time talking to other teachers who are Moms, I have decided to go back and finish my graduate degree after the little bambino is born. I'm going to work up until a week or two prior to my due date and then come back in January to finish my student teaching hours and finally graduate in May. After those 5 months, I will take the year(s) to relax-Mother's relax, right? ;)--and enjoy being a boy Mom.
The reason I'm doing this is twofold. I want my son to see that I started a program, stuck with it even when it got hard, and finished. I think that has a invaluable lessons to it: to finish what you start and pursue what you love. It will also show him the value of education, which I hope he carries with him throughout this life. 
Is this next semester going to be rough? Yes. Will I be so sad to leave the little one after 2 1/2 months? Absolutely! I have already shed some--lets get real, I've actually shed a lot of tears over it. But I have to think, this is ONLY for a season and with Z's schedule being so flexible, we won't need a nanny or sitter for that much during the day. 

I already do and am currently fighting Mommy-guilt, so much so, that I've been negligent on responding to emails--I'm sorry! I'm going to do better, I promise!-until I figure this all out: like finding a nanny and figuring out my hours. 

But my question is this, are there any Moms out there that are working full-time as well as being a Mommy? If so, how did you juggle and handle it all? I need all the advice I can get. 

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