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Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Eve & Christmas 2015

I love this time of year and  how the season becomes so much more when you have a 3-year old who just gets so excited over every Christmas light, story, and thing. When we were making cookies the night before and Sawyer was telling me how he was so excited for Santa to come, I couldn't help but feel almost childlike again. Kids just do something to the season that makes the spirit of it all just so much more.

The night before, my parents were in town and my Mom and I were able to get a little shopping done before our Christmas Eve service at church. Afterwards, we all took Christmas pictures in front of our little tree and went to church. Our church service was geared towards kids this year, so Sawyer and Rhett were able to join us for the service. The little kids sang carols and then put on a cute little play. It was a lot of fun and I'm so glad that we were all able to enjoy that together.
After the service, we went to a Christmas Eve party briefly before heading home to open up our Christmas pajamas and make some Christmas cookies. Sawyer was very excited and an awesome helper in the kitchen as we talked about this season and watched the cookies bake in the oven. After the kids were asleep, Z and I hung out and chatted. It was a really fun and peaceful night.

The next morning we actually had to wake Sawyer up--I think it's because we stayed up late making cookies, but I was not complaining for those few extra moments of sleep-- and Z videotaped him as he sprung out of bed and questioned why Santa didn't eat all of the cookies--he had 2 out of 3! We then opened presents and Sawyer graciously helped Rhett open his too. Poor Rhett was just so confused and amazed by it all. Sweet boy.

For Christmas breakfast, I made biscuits, a fruit salad, and a breakfast casserole. My Mom would always make something similar for us growing up, so I liked keeping that tradition alive.

After face-timing our families, we enjoyed a lazy day of watching The Grinch and playing with toys. The perfect and most magical Christmas.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well and here's to a happy and healthy 2016!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Holiday Gifts for Little Boys

Christmas Toys for the Boys

For Christmas, we try to follow the 3 wise men rule. You get 3 gifts--something you need, something you want, and a surprise. For us, it makes Christmas simple, stress-free (at least when it comes to gift giving) and also helps us to remember the real reason that we celebrate Christmas. 

This Christmas will be so fun for us. Sawyer finally understands all of the holidays and gets so excited over them. He screams whenever he sees Christmas lights and exclaims, "Oh my gosh, I'm so excited! I'm so excited!" His excitement instantly puts a smile on everyone's face and for that reason, I'm just so, so, so eager for this holiday season. 

That is the biggest reason that we decided that we will no longer be traveling to see family on Christmas. I want Sawyer to throw open his door on Christmas morning and tear through his presents. I want to go to Christmas Eve service and afterwards have him open up new Christmas pajamas to throw on. I'm already planning all these fun things and Z and I are so excited to start our own holiday traditions even though it is a little bittersweet that I won't be doing that from my old childhood home any longer. 

But here are the gifts that we are getting the boys this year and some of the presents that Sawyer will be opening up on Christmas morn:

Land of Nod Sleeping Bag--We travel a lot as a family and I love that these can come with us wherever we go. A little piece of home on the road. Plus, they will be fun when the boys start to have sleepovers as well. 

Pottery Barn Duffle Bag--Sawyer got this last year and we use it constantly, so I had to get Rhett one as well. I love that it's monogrammed and that it can grow with them throughout the years.

Spanish for Kids--Whenever Sawyer gets screen time, we have the cartoons be in Spanish. The Spanish camp--and a few parents who are raising their kids bilingual--do this and we thought it was such a good and smart idea. I love this DVD series, so we'll be getting him another one from them to watch. 

Thomas the Train--Sawyer has been consistently asking for a train from Santa, so that's what he'll be getting as his surprise! This one can do wheelies and back-flips, so I'm hoping he'll love it. 

Rain for Roots:The Kingdom of Heaven is Like This--I've had several friends rave about this CD and say that its good for kids and adults alike, so I'm excited about that. This will be Rhett's little gift, but it'll really be a gift for the family. Right now, we have a CD that we've just about played out, so really looking forward to the change up. I mean, you can only hear Wheels on the Bus so many times. ;)

Baja Baby Night Night Lavender Body wash and Shampoo--I love this all natural body wash and will be getting this for Rhett. He needs anything he can get that allows him to relax at night. 

Christmas Pajamas--These are just fun and I guess break our 3 gift rule, but oh well! I love getting the boys matching pajamas and this year we got ours from Crystal Faye

Other things I loved: This kids water bottle and the kid's drum-set

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