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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Favorite Sawyerisms

The stuff that comes out of Sawyer's mouth nowadays is so fun. Sawyer, you constantly surprise me with your wit and you also teach me so much more. Its so fun to get to know you and spend our time together. Here are a few things that you've said recently that I've loved and wanted to remember:

After talking to you about the severe flooding in Columbia, South Carolina and how we needed to pray for the families that lost their homes,  Sawyer said, "Okay, well, let's go to church, pray to Jesus, and figure it out!" (If only life was that simple. Or is it?)

I asked Sawyer a question about dinner and instead of answering that particular question, he said, "Well, I love you! That's a good answer, right?"

"Oh, Mama! There's a park! How about we go to story time then come back to it. That's a good idea." (You always have the best ideas.)

Sawyer, you are just over 3 years old and I couldn't be more proud of the little boy that you're becoming. You are so smart, so kind, and so considerate. There are days and moments when we fight--like I think it's a good idea for you to eat dinner and you would rather play with cars--but even during those hard days and tough moments there is no place or person I'd rather be with.You make me laugh, you make your brother's eyes twinkle, and you make your so Papa proud. We love you, Sawyer-man and thank God for you everyday. There's no one I love more than you and your brother.

Love you always. And always.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sawyer-25 months.

Sawyer is 25 months and it's such an incredible age. I'm truly loving every moment of it. His personality is becoming more and more evident. He's now vocal about his likes, dislikes, and his little sayings make my day. Hearing a two-year old talk might just be my favorite thing. I realized this morning that I haven't gotten a journal yet to record some of his milestones and what he's into, so I'm using this blog as a way to document some of my favorite things before I forget. 

Sawyer's really into singing recently. His favorite songs include: Wheels on the Bus, Ring about the Rosy, Taylor Swift's Shake it Off, Matthew West's Do Something, and Luke Bryan's Play It Again. I think my heart skips a beat whenever he starts to sing to the radio. I love when he screams/sings, "Play, play, play" or "Hate, hate, hate" whenever Taylor comes on and Z is now convinced it's now his new favorite song too because it's just so cute.  

He also loves to dance. He has a bear that turns on music whenever you push his paw and he's constantly pushing it and dancing around. Or he'll just dance without music too. When I work on Wednesday's, Sawyer goes to a school and even the teacher said that he needs to get into a music class because of how much he enjoys it. I really hope this continues because I love seeing how enthusiastic he gets whenever a song comes on or whenever we cheer him on when he dances. 

Sawyer is also figuring out the world around him. At meal-time, he'll say, "Mommy's dinner. My dinner" or "Mommy's yogurt. My yogurt." He'll also ask, "Whoa! What's that?" about almost everything we pass by or if he hears a sound that he doesn't recognize. It's so funny. He'll be playing, hear something, stop right in his tracks, and say, "Whoa! What's that?" 

Finally, Sawyer's favorite toys are his stuffed monkey, bunny, and train set. Whenever he's playing, he'll say, "Mama! Come sit!" He hates to play by himself and loves when we can all share in an activity. Sometimes I just want 5-10 minutes to myself to fix dinner or answer an email, but then I'm quickly reminded that one day Sawyer won't be insisting that I come sit and play, so I've gotten used to giving up a clean house in order to sit down and play with him. In the end, this will be worth more than a clean sink or a vacuumed carpet. 

Sawyer, monkey, we love you so much and thank God for you everyday. You are truly our little blessing and angel. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sawyer's Second Birthday Party

This last weekend, we hosted Sawyer's birthday party! We invited some of Sawyer's friends to play at a nearby park, have some pumpkin cupcakes, and to hangout. This birthday was really simple. I bought a few balloons, got a veggie tray, popped some popcorn, had orange slices, and got some juice boxes for the kids. For birthday favors, I bought some blue favor bags and filled them with Halloween candy. All really simple, but nice.

I picked Bluemont Park in Arlington because it fit the train theme and also because the whole park is fenced it. It allowed parents to relax a bit.
Sawyer was distracted the whole time, so I didn't get a good picture of him smiling at the camera. However, these two pictures show the cute train shirt that I got him for the occasion. I had the number 2 added on and the etsy shop I ordered it from was great. Quick and great service. You can find more shirts like that in their shop here.  

The personalized cupcake toppers were great! I got them here

Afterwards, we opened gifts at home and munched on pizza with friends and family.

It was a great party and one where I was so thankful for the little community that we've made throughout the last year. It's really been such a blessing to have my parents close by and our friends who make Sawyer's life so full.

I didn't post any pictures of us singing to him or eating pumpkin cupcakes because his friends were in them and I don't feel comfortable showing them, but think cute toddlers with icing all over. :)

Monday, June 30, 2014

Day in the Life {21 months}

Because I'm having such a good time this summer staying home with Sawyer, I wanted to capture what our routine is, what he is loving, and a little snapshot of our life. All too soon, I won't be his favorite playmate and we won't be having leisurely breakfasts where we giggle about this or that, so I'm writing it all down now so I can remember these days later.

7:30 am --Sawyer calls out, "Mama?!" and our day begins.

7:30-8:30 am--A cup of coffee for me and a waffle with peanut butter and a side of fruit and milk for him. When he's done with that, he usually asks for more, so I give him a cup of yogurt with granola as well. He's a huge breakfast person. After eating, we get dressed for the day and brush our teeth.

8:30-9:30 am--We sing songs {Pandora's toddler station is our favorite}, dance, read books, and pack our bag for the day.

{L: Diapers under the dresser, books around the room, pajamas, and a random bag is how we roll. R: Funny faces!}
9:30--11:30 am--We go to story time at the library, a play date, the zoo, or a park. If it's too hot and we don't have anything planned, I'll sometimes hit the gym. Our gym has a great play area for the kids, so Sawyer will go in there and play for an hour while I take a class.

11:30-12:30 pm -- Lunch time! He loves peanut butter and jelly or grilled cheese sandwiches. I'll have a veggie for a side like peas, carrots, or hummus and crackers. Those are my go-tos and his favorites.

12:30-2:00 pm--Sawyer naps and I catch up on emails, work, laundry or read. This afternoon, it was reading because I'm obsessed with the book I'm reading this summer.

2:00-2:30 pm--Snack time, which consists of fruit and dip. The dip is a combination of peanut butter, vanilla greek yogurt, and cinnamon.

2:30-4:00 pm--We have a play date or a park date. I've been adding more parks and splash pads to my list, so we try to check out a new one each week. Or we have a play date with a friend at a nearby pool or park.

4:30-5:30 pm--Go home and prep for dinner. Sawyer loves helping me cook, so I have him mix things together or he sits up on the counter with me and I narrate what we are doing or making.

5:30-6:30 pm--Dinner and his favorite dishes are fish, pesto pasta, chicken, pizza, or mac & cheese.

6:30-6:45 pm-Bath time!

6:45-7:00 pm-We brush our teeth, read a book or two, say our prayers and go to sleep.

And in the in-betweens, there is a lot of love, goofiness, and memories and I couldn't be happier spending them with you.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sawyer: 16 months

A few things I love:

I love when he says, "Mama, mama!" and then hands me a book and plops down in my lap. Him calling me Mama really never gets old. 

Whenever I am in the kitchen making something, Sawyer immediately comes up and says, "Up!" Then he points to all the things I'm cooking and waits as I explain to him what we're making and how we're doing it. Recently, I've started having him help shake the spices into certain things and if I try to add more spice without his help-because sometimes the spices don't really land anywhere close to where they are supposed to-he moves my legs to face him and then looks at me sternly and points at the spice as if he's saying, "Um, what are you doing? That's my job!"

For a brief moment last week, Sawyer snuggled up to me on our bed and handed me book. He laid there for about 10 minutes and just rested his head on my shoulder. There wasn't any running around or climbing over the pillows, it was just us enjoying a story together. I loved it.

He saw me putting on chapstick the other day and pursed his lips together asking for some. Now, when he sees it on my nightstand in the mornings, he grabs it and purses his lips waiting for me to apply it. That kid is too funny. 

And finally, I just love him. I love that crazy boy who definitely has tantrums and can drive me crazy, but also that boy who randomly gives me kisses throughout the day and whose favorite toy at the park is the vacuum?!  These little moments are the ones that make my heart so full and my life so worthwhile. I love you, sweet boy and who are you becoming.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday, Sawyer!

On Saturday, we had a little birthday party for Sawyer and we treated it like a housewarming party for us as well. Since Halloween is right around the corner, we decided to make the party fall-themed. We didn't do anything extravagant and we kept everything pretty simple. I made him an Apple Spice cake with cream cheese frosting and kept the rest of the menu to treats that you would find at a fall festival like corn dogs, a spinach and cranberry salad, cheese and pecan sandwiches, kettle corn, and some veggies with hummus. We also had hot cider, but it was 85 degrees yesterday and I didn't even offer it to anyone. It was way too hot! I thought it was supposed to be cooler in October?!

We had friends from various walks of life come and celebrate with us for a few hours. It was really fun and we loved having them here. It was also a chance for us to get to know some new people in the area, which was awesome. Overall, I think it was a success! Sawyer had fun and it was a really wonderful party for us as well. I'm so thankful that Sawyer has so many people that love and surround him. He was a loved little boy.

And happy birthday again, Sawyer! We love you! 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sawyer: 11 Months

My little buddy, my fun-loving pal, and my adventurous boy is 11 months old. Instead of giving you all his stats, I just want to tell you how awesome this little boy is and how much he's enriched my life. It's really true-at least for me-that your heart grows and your priorities change once you have a little one. 

I met up with a Mom the other day and it happened to be the same day as the Navy Yard shooting. I was listening to the radio and the news reports started to make me cry. I was tearing up when I realized that I had to wipe those tears away because I was about to meet this girl for the very first time. We met for lunch and half-way through our conversation, she started to tear up about how much she loves her dog. She said, "Sorry I just cry over everything now that I'm a Mom." I laughed and shared with her how I was just crying on the way over. Then ended by saying, "Oh and by the way, I cry about everything even when it's not sad. I see a commercial and tears." She knew exactly what I meant.  

And why the change? Yeah, it could be the postpartum hormones or it could be that after having Sawyer my heart just changed. My direction took a different route and I started to see things from a different and less selfish prospective. He's shown me how precious time is and how it moves all too fast. He's taught me to have compassion and love for others because that's what I would want someone to do for him. He's made me realize who my real friends are and how important it is to dedicate time to those relationships.

I could go on, but as you can tell, I love this little boy and all that he's given me. I also love how fun he is, how he gives me kisses, and how he laughs whenever you wake him up in the mornings. He's such a joy and makes my life so vibrant. Thank you for that, little man and here's to your 11 months. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sawyer: 10 Months + Super Proud Mommy Moment

Wow, I can't believe its been this long since I've blogged. We had our family in town last week and after they left yesterday, I caught a nasty cold. But with coffee in hand and a baby napping beside me, I'm going to try and catch up on updates and emails.

I also can't believe that I'm here writing Sawyer's 10 month update! How is he going to be 1 in 2 months and where did this year go? And I know that I've probably already said this before, but this month really has been my favorite. Something really clicked between Sawyer and I these last few weeks and he is now my little buddy and friend. This month his personality has really started to show and I love being around him as he explores new things and figures out his likes and dislikes. He's so funny and happy baby and can now express himself a bit more, which has really helped our relationship develop.  He has also learned how to give kisses--see the video below--and I really can't wait for all the discoveries and new things he'll learn over the next month.

Now, onto the update:

Size: Sawyer is in 12 month clothes and size 4 diapers.

Personality: Sawyer is a happy baby and loves to smile. He does, however, hate having his diaper changed and that's been a challenge. He will cry and throw a tantrum whenever we have to change it. I really don't know what to do in that arena. I feel like I've tried everything and really hope this is just a phase.

Development: Sawyer is now giving kisses! It's so sweet and he usually gives them in the morning whenever he wakes up. It's the best and I think this beats walking for me in terms of accomplishments because these kisses are just so sweet. Check out the embarrassing video of me to see.

Diet: Sawyer LOVES cherries and I always make sure to have a bag in the fridge that I can pull out. He also is eating lots of fruits and veggie purees that I get at a local Whole Foods type store here in Spain. He also loves bran muffins that I feed to him after his morning bottle and is getting really interested in whatever you are eating. If he sees you eating, he will crawl on over and put out his hand. He's a foodie just like his Mama.

Dear Sawyer, 

This month has been so special to me. I love getting to know you and seeing more and more of your personality come out day by day. You are continuously making me laugh and I told your Papa this month that I really don't think life could be better right now.  Love you so much, little boy and can't wait to see what the next month brings us. 

Love, Mama

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Those Little Meltdowns

Today is a national holiday in Spain and after our morning hike we ran into a parade. Thinking the parade would be fun for Sawyer, we stopped and got our camera ready to take pictures of him laughing, smiling, and enjoying the parade. Anddd, what was the verdict? 

Complete baby meltdown when the drums started beating and the parade began to start. 

But complete happiness 2 seconds later after leaving and being put on Papa's shoulders. Oh, that boy and those not-so-happy moments. They are all so precious to me.

And, Sawyer, does this mean you won't like loud music when you're older? I hope so! ;)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Sawyer: 9 Months

Happy happy 9 months, little man! 

Size: Sawyer is weighing in at 22 lbs (90%) and 26 inches (90%). He is wearing 9-12 month clothes and is just growing by the minute.

Personality: Sawyer is my little explorer. He's always on the run crawl and checking things out constantly. He's a very curious little man which has led to a few boo-boos and bumps as he discovers the world around him. Even though he is either crawling, standing, or inching himself along, he is still one incredibly happy and laid-back baby who loves when you smile at him or show him something new. I hope he always carries this happy-go-lucky attitude with him forever. It would be such a blessing.

Development: Sawyer has 6 teeth now and is on his way to walking! In terms of walking, he is always standing up and inching himself around the room by holding onto nearby furniture, the wall, or any other stabilizing thing he can find. It's amazing and really scary to watch because I'm terrified that he's going to fall or get a bump, which has already happened once or twice in the last few weeks I'm not going to lie. But I do applaud him for getting back up and trying again. It's a lesson that I need to learn to be better at sometimes as well.

Another HUGE thing is that he is now free of separation anxiety at night. The last two weeks in Palo Alto were a mess. We would put him down for bed at night and he would cry and cry and cry. It was so bizarre since he was great when you put him down for naps during the day. Finally, the spell broke t and he just lays down quietly when you put him to bed at night. I don't know who or what we have to thank for that, but I'm grateful.

Diet: Sawyer still has 8 oz of formula every 3 hours. A side note is that when we packed each person in our little family brought only one bag with them to Jamaica and Spain. Our carry-on was full of formula and baby food because I didn't know if they would have the kind that we like and have been giving to Sawyer. However, we just saw it in the grocery store yesterday, so we're pretty excited in case we run out.

Aside from formula, Sawyer is trying "big people" food. We put shredded cheese, cut up fruits and bread on his plate for lunch and dinner. He LOVES bread and basically won't try the other items on his plate, so we are supplementing with organic baby food and that's fine with me. I don't want to push him, so when he's ready he'll let us know I'm sure.

Fun Fact: So as I mentioned, Sawyer has fallen a bit. Nothing major. He'll just try to stand up, lose his balance a little bit, and fall back on his bum. Sometimes it's a little harder and there will be a few tears, but the number 1 trick to cheering him up? Show him videos of himself! He'll immediately stop crying, smile and laugh. Oh, baby.

Dear Sawyer, 

My happy little boy, you are 10 months old and wow, you have really blossomed this month! You laugh whenever you see a puppy, you gasp when you see a swan, and you jump up and down whenever Papa comes home from class. It's so exciting to see you beginning to recognize things and become so animated over them. You are such a clown and I don't know how many videos we have of you playing peek-a-boo, pretending to type on the computer or talking really loudly and eagerly to us all excitedly like you are trying to tell us something really important. You sure know how to make us laugh.

I absolutely can't wait to see how you grow and change this next month and thank you for being my wonderful and sweet little boy.

Love, Mama 
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