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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sawyer: 11 Months

My little buddy, my fun-loving pal, and my adventurous boy is 11 months old. Instead of giving you all his stats, I just want to tell you how awesome this little boy is and how much he's enriched my life. It's really true-at least for me-that your heart grows and your priorities change once you have a little one. 

I met up with a Mom the other day and it happened to be the same day as the Navy Yard shooting. I was listening to the radio and the news reports started to make me cry. I was tearing up when I realized that I had to wipe those tears away because I was about to meet this girl for the very first time. We met for lunch and half-way through our conversation, she started to tear up about how much she loves her dog. She said, "Sorry I just cry over everything now that I'm a Mom." I laughed and shared with her how I was just crying on the way over. Then ended by saying, "Oh and by the way, I cry about everything even when it's not sad. I see a commercial and tears." She knew exactly what I meant.  

And why the change? Yeah, it could be the postpartum hormones or it could be that after having Sawyer my heart just changed. My direction took a different route and I started to see things from a different and less selfish prospective. He's shown me how precious time is and how it moves all too fast. He's taught me to have compassion and love for others because that's what I would want someone to do for him. He's made me realize who my real friends are and how important it is to dedicate time to those relationships.

I could go on, but as you can tell, I love this little boy and all that he's given me. I also love how fun he is, how he gives me kisses, and how he laughs whenever you wake him up in the mornings. He's such a joy and makes my life so vibrant. Thank you for that, little man and here's to your 11 months. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sawyer: 10 Months + Super Proud Mommy Moment

Wow, I can't believe its been this long since I've blogged. We had our family in town last week and after they left yesterday, I caught a nasty cold. But with coffee in hand and a baby napping beside me, I'm going to try and catch up on updates and emails.

I also can't believe that I'm here writing Sawyer's 10 month update! How is he going to be 1 in 2 months and where did this year go? And I know that I've probably already said this before, but this month really has been my favorite. Something really clicked between Sawyer and I these last few weeks and he is now my little buddy and friend. This month his personality has really started to show and I love being around him as he explores new things and figures out his likes and dislikes. He's so funny and happy baby and can now express himself a bit more, which has really helped our relationship develop.  He has also learned how to give kisses--see the video below--and I really can't wait for all the discoveries and new things he'll learn over the next month.

Now, onto the update:

Size: Sawyer is in 12 month clothes and size 4 diapers.

Personality: Sawyer is a happy baby and loves to smile. He does, however, hate having his diaper changed and that's been a challenge. He will cry and throw a tantrum whenever we have to change it. I really don't know what to do in that arena. I feel like I've tried everything and really hope this is just a phase.

Development: Sawyer is now giving kisses! It's so sweet and he usually gives them in the morning whenever he wakes up. It's the best and I think this beats walking for me in terms of accomplishments because these kisses are just so sweet. Check out the embarrassing video of me to see.

Diet: Sawyer LOVES cherries and I always make sure to have a bag in the fridge that I can pull out. He also is eating lots of fruits and veggie purees that I get at a local Whole Foods type store here in Spain. He also loves bran muffins that I feed to him after his morning bottle and is getting really interested in whatever you are eating. If he sees you eating, he will crawl on over and put out his hand. He's a foodie just like his Mama.

Dear Sawyer, 

This month has been so special to me. I love getting to know you and seeing more and more of your personality come out day by day. You are continuously making me laugh and I told your Papa this month that I really don't think life could be better right now.  Love you so much, little boy and can't wait to see what the next month brings us. 

Love, Mama

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sawyer + Carousal

We took Sawyer on his first carousal ride last week and the verdict is.... Sawyer is not a fan! I had the highest of hopes for this ride and it started off so well! The ticketing lady came over and took our picture, we chose the teacup so we could have Sawyer on our laps the whole time, but the one thing I was not expecting was Sawyer's fear of the wooden horses behind us. That boy had his eyes on those things the whole time. Constantly checking to make sure they hadn't turned to gallop in the other direction and looking at us saying, "And this was your idea of fun?!"  Oops! Next time? Maybe?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Sawyer: 9 Months

Happy happy 9 months, little man! 

Size: Sawyer is weighing in at 22 lbs (90%) and 26 inches (90%). He is wearing 9-12 month clothes and is just growing by the minute.

Personality: Sawyer is my little explorer. He's always on the run crawl and checking things out constantly. He's a very curious little man which has led to a few boo-boos and bumps as he discovers the world around him. Even though he is either crawling, standing, or inching himself along, he is still one incredibly happy and laid-back baby who loves when you smile at him or show him something new. I hope he always carries this happy-go-lucky attitude with him forever. It would be such a blessing.

Development: Sawyer has 6 teeth now and is on his way to walking! In terms of walking, he is always standing up and inching himself around the room by holding onto nearby furniture, the wall, or any other stabilizing thing he can find. It's amazing and really scary to watch because I'm terrified that he's going to fall or get a bump, which has already happened once or twice in the last few weeks I'm not going to lie. But I do applaud him for getting back up and trying again. It's a lesson that I need to learn to be better at sometimes as well.

Another HUGE thing is that he is now free of separation anxiety at night. The last two weeks in Palo Alto were a mess. We would put him down for bed at night and he would cry and cry and cry. It was so bizarre since he was great when you put him down for naps during the day. Finally, the spell broke t and he just lays down quietly when you put him to bed at night. I don't know who or what we have to thank for that, but I'm grateful.

Diet: Sawyer still has 8 oz of formula every 3 hours. A side note is that when we packed each person in our little family brought only one bag with them to Jamaica and Spain. Our carry-on was full of formula and baby food because I didn't know if they would have the kind that we like and have been giving to Sawyer. However, we just saw it in the grocery store yesterday, so we're pretty excited in case we run out.

Aside from formula, Sawyer is trying "big people" food. We put shredded cheese, cut up fruits and bread on his plate for lunch and dinner. He LOVES bread and basically won't try the other items on his plate, so we are supplementing with organic baby food and that's fine with me. I don't want to push him, so when he's ready he'll let us know I'm sure.

Fun Fact: So as I mentioned, Sawyer has fallen a bit. Nothing major. He'll just try to stand up, lose his balance a little bit, and fall back on his bum. Sometimes it's a little harder and there will be a few tears, but the number 1 trick to cheering him up? Show him videos of himself! He'll immediately stop crying, smile and laugh. Oh, baby.

Dear Sawyer, 

My happy little boy, you are 10 months old and wow, you have really blossomed this month! You laugh whenever you see a puppy, you gasp when you see a swan, and you jump up and down whenever Papa comes home from class. It's so exciting to see you beginning to recognize things and become so animated over them. You are such a clown and I don't know how many videos we have of you playing peek-a-boo, pretending to type on the computer or talking really loudly and eagerly to us all excitedly like you are trying to tell us something really important. You sure know how to make us laugh.

I absolutely can't wait to see how you grow and change this next month and thank you for being my wonderful and sweet little boy.

Love, Mama 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Sawyer-8 Months + Baptism

This weekend was a big one for us! Z graduated from Stanford on Saturday and Sawyer was baptized on Sunday! It was a busy and exciting weekend, but first, I want to remember our boy's 8th month.

 Size:  Sawyer is 21 pounds and around 28 inches long. He falls into the 80th percentile for weight and height. As for clothes, he's a big guy now and wearing 9-12 month clothes! I still can't believe it. Stop growing, buddy!

Personality: Sawyer is a really laid-back and extremely happy guy. He rarely cries, but still has a little bit of separation anxiety if his Mama and Papa are out of sight too long.

Development: Sawyer is walking with his walker and he's a little wiggle-worm too! This has led to a few falls and bumps on the knees, but I'm so proud of him for getting back up and trying again. I think he will be walking independently in the next few months, which is just a crazy, crazy thought!

Sawyer also has 6 teeth!!! They all came in during the last two months and it really makes him look like a little boy. We are slowly giving him solid fruits and veggies for him to gnaw on, but he's not really liking that. Soon though!

Diet: Sawyer is still loving baby food and he loves everything except green beans and applesauce. He has about 2 1/2 jars a day. One at 10, a half at 1, and a jar at 4. He also still gets 8 oz of milk every 3 hours until he goes to bed at 7 as well. 

Baptism: This weekend Sawyer was baptized at church. We chose this weekend because we knew both sets of parents would be in town and I surprised Z with it as his father's day gift. I also invited our close friends to come celebrate with us and my only regret is not getting everyone's pictures. 

Sawyer wore my brother's baptism outfit, which I loved.

I always knew that God had a special plan for Sawyer and it was quite clear to me at our 20 week ultrasound when the doctor gave us the news that Sawyer had a heart defect. When we heard that, I knew in my gut that there was a reason for this baby and I would do anything and everything to protect and provide for him. At the 30 week ultrasound when the doctor came in to tell us the defect had disappeared and he didn't know how that could've happened, I did and I still do. It was God. 

For that reason, Sawyer's life verse was Psalm 139: 13-14:

For you formed my inward parts
you knitted me together in my mother's womb.
I praise you because I was fearfully and wonderfully made.
Wonderful are your works; my soul knows that very well. 

Dear Sawyer, 

I love you, my little prince and can't wait to see what God has in store for you. I know that it will be full of  bumped knees, swing rides and a sandcastle or two and there isn't anyone else that I would want to share that adventure with but you. 

All my love, 


Monday, May 20, 2013

Sawyer: 7 Months

Happy 7 Months, Sawyer!

We tried to do the standard block picture, but as you can see Sawyer was not having it. He had no interest in sitting still and only wanted to play with the blocks. We'll see how the next 5 months go, but it's looking like my cute block idea will be making a exit. 

Size: I'm not sure about this one, but I would say Sawyer is 22 lbs and about 27 inches. He's still in size 3 diapers and wearing 6-9 month clothing. We do need to invest in new pajamas for him though because little man isn't fitting into any of his 6 month PJs anymore. 

Personality: Sawyer is still very laid-back and go with the flow, but he is now starting to have separation anxiety. It's not good. He is terrified of strangers for the first 10 minutes and then thankfully calms down. If anyone has any advice or tips on this, throw em my way.

Sawyer also loves love loves his jumper. We are borrowing it from our friend and its been such a life-saver. Sawyer will stay in that thing for a good 45 minutes and entertaining himself. Its been a godsend especially during dinner time. We put him in the jumper and watch him as we eat. We all love it. 

Separation anxiety at its finest.
Development: Sawyer has 3 teeth now! 2 on the bottom and 1 on the top. The top tooth's neighbor is about to pop out any day now and Z and I couldn't be more excited. Sawyer has been teething like a mad-man and I know that tooth is really irritating him. We've given him chew toys and a wooden chew-bead necklace to help sooth him, but its still really paining him. Poor guy. Really hoping that tooth comes in sooner rather than later. 

Diet: Sawyer still drinks 8 oz of milk every 3 hours and then eats pureed baby food at 10, 1, and 4. His favorites include spinach and potatoes, mango, banana, and pear. 

Sleep: He has woken up a few times this month due to teething pain and the doctor recommended that we put a small dose of  infants’ acetaminophen to help with the pain. We mix it in with a bit of formula and feed it to him at night if he cries for more than 10 minutes. That really seems to do the trick. 

Dear Sawyer, 

You've had a big month, little one! You went to your first carnival and parade. It was a lot of fun and you were really intrigued with all the people walking by. You loved when dogs or animals walked by. You would smile and follow them with your eyes. That made me really excited for when you finally see Sadie again. I hope you love her and play with her all the time. 

The picture above is one of your Daddy. We tried to replicate the picture to see how alike you both are and the verdict is not a lot, but that's okay. We still love this picture a lot. 

Love you always,


Monday, April 15, 2013

Sawyer: 6 Months

This month was huge. Sawyer turned SIX months old and is well on his way to turning one. All incredibly awesome and incredibly scary at the same time. 

Size: Sawyer is 20 lbs and 29 inches long. He is falling perfectly in the 90% for height and 80% for weight. He is wearing size 3 diapers and 6-9 month clothing. I can't believe how fast this little man is growing literally everyday. #pleasestop

Personality: Sawyer is still incredibly laid-back and continuously happy, but he is QUITE the wiggle worm and quickly becoming all boy. He cannot for the life of him keep still and is always keeping us on our toes. He is sitting up, scooting around and rocking back and forth, all of these moves have been game changers for us. We used to be able to just put him in a rocker and he would be fine, but now we tries to wiggle his way out of it. We now have to alert and watching him at all times. 

Development: Sawyer has a new trick and I love love love it. He now recognizes his own name and also understands the word, "UP!" When we ask him if he wants to get up, he will reach for our hands, put his hands in our ours and then move them upward until we pick him up. Or if we are standing up, he will just reach his arms upward. It's really cute and makes me SO excited for the months to come when he understands more and actually says his first word. 

He also LOVES his toys. More specifically he loves his walker and his big chick from Easter. He will sit and play with those things for a good 30 minutes before he is ready for the next thing. He also continues to love stories, but has stopped the squealing whenever we pull one off the shelf. Now, he will just smile throughout story time. 

Diet: Sawyer is drinking 6-8 ounces of milk every 3 hours. He is also loving prunes, peas, pears, mango, and carrots. He's still not a big fan of peaches or really green beans even, but hopefully he will in the future.

Sleeping: Still 7 to 7, but he is starting to get up a little earlier these days. We will hear him rustling about around 6:30, so sometimes we get him a little early so I can have snuggle time before I go to work.

Work-Life Balance: I have decided to be a SAHM after my school and job are over with in June. I am so excited and cannot wait to make this transition. For me, I can't be a wife, mother, employee and student and do all 4 well and I want to focus on what really makes me tick which is my family and son.  Plus, I have recently met with 2 couples who both lost children and both have said that looking back they wished they stayed at home or been around more. I'm going to learn from them-and the countless other people who stop us and say that their kids' childhoods were the best things-and stay at home. I know that jobs will be out there when and if I decide to go back, but for right now, this little guy is where I want to be and who I want to experience life with.

*This is just my own personal view and I know that every mother and situation is different, but this is what I have decided to do with my family. 

Dear Sawyer,

I love you to pieces little man and I can't wait to live another fun month with you! You have come so far in the last 3 weeks and I know that there is only good things ahead for us. One of which might be you getting teeth. You have been chewing on those chew beads and hands for a week now, so I feel like a tooth is right around the corner. We'll see though! 

Love you much,


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sawyer: 5 Months

On March 5th, Sawyer turned 5 months! 
It's scary how fast he's grown in such a short amount of time, but here we are and here are the updates: 

Size: Sawyer is 18 lbs and 28 inches long, which makes him 80 percentile for weight and 100 for height. He gets that last part from his Daddy who is 6'5". In terms of clothes, he is still in a size 2 diaper and as of yesterday is wearing 6-9 month clothes. 

Personality: Sawyer is still an incredibly laid-back and happy guy, but he is quickly becoming a little one who has strong likes and dislikes. For example, he, loves when you read to him. When you take a book off of the shelf, he will squeal with delight and then scream the whole time you are reading to him. I tried to shout the story to combat the noise, but that just made little man scream and giggle even louder so I just gave up. 

Sawyer hates being alone. If I walk out of the room or if he can't see anyone right away, he cries. He definitely wants to be where the party is. 

Development: Sawyer discovered his feet a few weeks ago and won't let them go. He is constantly holding his feet, putting them to his mouth or pulling on his toes. He loves those things. He also is sitting up unassisted for a few seconds before toppling over. I give it a week or two before he is doing this on a more consistent basis. 

Diet: Sawyer LOVES sweet potatoes, carrots, and apples. He is so-so on green beans and he hates peaches. He is also eating a couple teaspoons of rice cereal in the mornings along with 8 oz of milk from his bottle. We feed him two meals of solids a day and he usually goes through half of a container during one of the sessions. He then gets 7 oz of milk every 3 hours because we are still doing the babywise schedule of feeding him every 3 hours.

Sleeping: He is sleeping from 7 pm to 7 am.  

Playtime: 3 times a week Sawyer and I go to the park and swing on the swings. He is mesmerized with watching the big kids play all around him. I think he's excited to one day join them in swinging on the swings, playing in the sand, or going down the slides.

Other than that, we haven't had a lot of playdates this month because work and grad school have been a bit hectic for me. But we do have a New Mother's group that we are going to once a month so I'm hoping that will give him more opportunities to make friends with other little ones.

And finally, a little letter to my little man:

Dear Sawyer, 

This month has been so fun! You've become so fascinated with the world around you and because of that we've been able to do a lot more things like see fish at the aquarium and swing on swings.  You also have just discovered your toes and can't seem to put them down. It's so funny to see and so fun to watch. I love discovering the world with you and I can't wait to see all the adventures that month 6 has in store for us.

I love you, little prince, and I always will. 


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sawyer: 4 Months

I am 2 weeks late on this, but guess what?! 


Size: Sawyer is 24 inches long and 17 pounds big. He is still rocking the 3-6 month clothes and is in a size 2 diaper. I have a feeling though that won't be for long. Also, last weekend we went to a gender reveal party and there was a little one there who was 12 weeks old--only 4 weeks younger than Sawyer. But,  he looked SO little compared to Sawyer and they are only a few weeks apart! How does one grow so fast!?

Personality: Sawyer is still incredibly easy going and a baby that has a smile on his face wherever he goes. However, we have started to notice that he is getting quite attached to Mommy and Daddy and will sometimes cry whenever a stranger holds him. We are going to start scheduling more playdates and  see if that helps him.

Diet: We got the "okay" and we started Sawyer on solids. He is only doing 3-4 bites of banana. At first, he would make a "What are you guys feeding me face?", but after 3 bites, he was really loving it and pulling the spoon to his mouth. We also are still giving him around 7 oz of breast milk and formula a day and feeding him every 3 hours starting at 7 am.

Zach was there while Sawyer and I took a 20 minute nap.
Sleep: He is still taking 2 naps during the day and doing a good job of sleeping through the night. We lay him down at 7:30 and he usually wakes up around 6:30. I know Babywise says that he should be able to sleep 12 hours straight, but I just don't think that is ever going to happen; he'll always be a 11 hour baby.

Playtime: Sawyer is really starting to interact with his toys. He can now grasp, shake and pull objects closer to him. It is becoming really fun to watch. He also had a playdate with a 6 month old on Wednesday and it was the first time he interacted with another baby. They were grabbing at each other and patting at each other's legs. It was so so cute. I can't wait for more playdates and to see him begin to make friends.

We have also started reading books to Sawyer. Everyday we will sit in the rocker, pull out a book, and read it to him. Even though Sawyer doesn't understand what the story is about or what we are saying, we have read that reading to kids--even at 4 months--teaches them about communication, gives them bonding time with Mom and Dad, and also the colors of the pictures help accelerate mental growth. You can read more articles about it: here, here, and here.

We have also started to play "tickle monster" with him. Here's a video of us playing.

Dear Sawyer, 

This month has been so fun! Your full of laughs and you have even started to "talk" to us. I figure it has to be pretty important because you will coo, make noises, and respond with arms wailing when I say, "Oh wow, you don't say!" and "And then what happened?!"

 Its those moments when I love you so much. 

I love you forever, baby boy. 


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

One Year Later

photo by lisa denefee
On February 4th 2012, I found out I was pregnant with my boy, William Sawyer. As I think back to that day, I remember being so scared, anxious and unabashedly naive. And I remember how the next few months were full of questions about how our life was going to change and what adjustments needed to be made because of it.

Then, throughout my pregnancy, I planned, I read, and I prepared, but I didn't know what to expect. I had never been pregnant before or a mother. I mean I babysat and had been around kids my whole life, but that didn't prepare me for the love that was about to fill my heart 1,000xs over when I finally met our little guy on Oct. 5th.

A lot has changed since my journey began 365 days ago, we now have a handsome little guy who makes my days shine a little bit brighter and my priorities become more real. I'm now not constantly on my phone or checking emails and nor do I care. My days are now filled with something better and that's his laughter, his tears, his smiles, and being present for all of his "firsts".

I can't wait to see all the changes and challenges another year will bring us, but I know that with Sawyer it will be one of growth and adventure for sure.

*Read more about my pregnancy and Sawyer through the Baby tab at the top. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Motherhood: What's in a bag?

Kate Spade Stevie Diaper Bag.
After I had Sawyer, I felt like every time I left the house I was always missing something. Whether I didn't have enough diapers, didn't have enough clothes for him, or frankly just didn't know what I was doing. Finally, I started OVER packing. I would have too many diapers,  too many bottles and/or too many clothes! It was a mess and frustrating when I would have to dig around in this giant bag to try to find exactly what I was looking for. It was a mess. I was a mess.

However, by the time 3 months rolled around, I was finally getting a hang of the whole pack, plan, and go. I wanted to share with you a few things that make my bag efficient, less crowded and more streamlined.

The Diaper Clutch. I love having the clutch because its easy to locate and I know will have everything I need when quickly changing a diaper. Inside I carry 3 diapers, 1 travel sized pack of wipes, and hand sanitizer because after some those crazy poops everyone needs a little to disinfect. I got mine from etsy shop, Babypenelope.

 1.  A Burp Cloth & Bottle. I put these two items in the side pocket of my bag. Makes it easy to get and I fill the bottle with water before I go as well.

2. Enfamil To-Go Packets. I use formula when I'm on the go or traveling and these to-go packets are genius. They fit into my wallet, are easy to use, and save a lot of space. I take at least 2 everywhere I go.

3. Erin Condren Planner & Lamaze Toy. Erin Condren to organize my life and a lamaze toy to entertain Sawyer.

4.Changing Pad. For those little emergencies. This one came with my diaper bag and so far I've used this in bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms, or other places when a diaper change is immediately needed.

 2 Outfits & A Plastic Bag. Plastic bag to put any messy clothes and a outfit or two for when Sawyer either ruins a shirt by too much spit-up or just plain old messes up an outfit. These things all fit into the side pocket of my bag that I zip up and don't touch unless needed.

Then all I need to do are grab are my keys and I'm out the door!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Sawyer: 3 Months

outfit from janie & jack

I'm officially 9 days late on this (which I'm fully blaming on traveling and catching the flu last week), but nonetheless HAPPY 3 MONTHS, LITTLE MAN! 

Size: He is 24 inches long and 13 lbs, which means 90% height and 60% for weight. This just means he is going to be tall just like his Daddy.

Personality: This month has been by far my favorite. Sawyer is smiling, laughing and "talking" his way right through it. Everyday I'm starting to see more and more of his personality and I love it. He is a super mellow, happy and content baby. I'm not sure how he got that way since his mother is uptight and type A, so I have a feeling I will be learning a lot from him in terms of mellowing out and just enjoying the ride.

Diet: 50% formula and 50% breastmilk. When I'm at work, he has 7 oz of formula every 3 hours and also a bottle of Enfamil around 7 pm every night as well. I do that because formula is a bit heavier than breastmilk and seems to keep him fuller longer, which means he sleeps longer.

Sleeping: 11 1/2  hours every night! He goes down at 7:30 and wakes up at 7 am. I'm attributing this good sleep behavior to Babywise because without it I don't think I would've known how to effectively sleep train like we have.

Playtime: He loves his BebePOD and play tray. It came with one or two toys that attach to the tray and it keeps him occupied for 30 minutes at a time. Its great. Plus, he's starting to really grab at things which makes playtime really exciting to watch.

Some "memorable" firsts: This month, Sawyer and I flew by ourselves back home to Roanoke for Christmas. Let me tell you, it was far from easy. We ended up having 2 layovers, 1 delay and Delta ended up losing HALF of my stroller. They returned the base and kept the carseat--don't ask me how this happened since both were attached and stored under the same flight. This made for a very difficult situation that left both of us crying--I think Sawyer was more upset that he had a dirty diaper, but we'll pretend it was because this carseat was lost too. Basically, we were one hot mess. Thankfully, my Mom was able to borrow a carseat and stroller from a friend so we could safely take the little one home, but it was pure craziness for a few hours there.

One first that was more pleasant than the one perviously mentioned was Sawyer started to laugh and gosh, its just the best. It seems that Z and I try to do anything we can just to hear that sound as much as possible and when it happens its man, is it magic. We just can't get enough.

Sawyer boy, 

This month has been a mix of emotions! Sometimes I can't wait for you to grow up just a tad bit more.  I'm just so excited for you to be more interactive, more adventurous, and more engaged in the world. But most of the time, like tonight when you were soft and cuddly and full of smiles, I just wish that time would stop. That you would stay this small and easy and fun. I really don't want this to end.

Love you always, 


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