Christmas Season 2015 {Gaylord Ice Village & A Christmas Carol}

This Christmas season has been a good one. It's been slow, intentional, and relaxing. Definitely not the words that I would typically think of when describing a holiday season, but I'm so grateful that it's been that way for this year at least.

Starting in November, I planned out a few things that I would love to do with the boys. Nothing crazy, but I had one activity a weekend and most of them were things that we did the last few years and loved. Some of them were visiting Santa, going to see the trains at the Botantical Gardens, making Christmas cookies with friends, and venturing to the Ice! Village at Gaylord National. All were accomplished and not because I was a drill sergeant on keeping up with the plan, but more because miraculously, life just fell into place and we had more free time than usual.

Last weekend, we went to the Ice! Village at Gaylord National. It was really fun and very cold! We were wrapped up in blue parka-like coats and had our winter coats still on underneath. We walked through ice sculptures that told the history of Santa and then ended with a beautiful naivety scene. It was pretty spectacular, but we did have to rush through the latter half because Sawyer was getting too cold. Poor guy. Thankfully, hot cocoa cured everything.

Another fun thing that we did was see The Christmas Carol at the Ford Theatre. It was Sawyer's first professional play and we invited my parents up to see it with us. It was a fantastic performance and Sawyer loved it--well, he got a little freaked out with Marley, but other than that, he was pretty captivated. It was so cute though during intermission, he pointed to the program and said, "I thought that guy was going to be so nice, but he's really mean!"

It was also fun to do this with Z. We had missed our chance to do this last year because this show sells out quickly, so he had set a google alert for September of this year. He had been looking forward to seeing a performance in this infamous theatre, so I'm glad we got to do that. He was pretty excited all week and especially today.

This week and holiday is quickly becoming my favorite with all the activities that we've managed to do and with Sawyer eating everything up. He's just at such a fun age and I can't wait for a slow and fun Christmas morning with him. He makes everything so magical for me.


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