Taking Stock 2015

Making: Time for margins. I haven't had a lot of playdates this Fall because I've been trying to enjoy this time with the boys and invest in things that I've been putting off like cooking more, coming up with lessons for Sawyer, and doing crafts around the house. 

Cooking: A lot of chili and vegetarian meals. I've loved this chili recently and these tacos. 

Drinking: Anything warm and a lot of green juice as well.

Reading: About to read The Royal We

Wanting: The season to stay. The fall leaves around Falls Church this year are breathtaking.

Looking: Forward to our annual Thanksgiving Day race. 

Playing: Superman with Sawyer and having my morning quiet time with Rhett. 

Wasting: Time playing Sudoku

Wishing: For one more date nights

Enjoying: Life in this moment and trying not to wish time away. 

Liking: Our slow pace. 

Wondering: How we are going to fit in everything DC has to offer during the holiday season. 

Loving: This book and how its changed my life. I was able to donate half of my wardrobe through this technique and I love the idea of living more simply. 

Hoping: For a warm winter or that it goes by fast. I hate the cold. Oh, and that we aren't constantly sick. 

Wearing: These loafers. 

Following: Sawyer around on adventures. 

Noticing: How Rhett is about to crawl any day now and how fast these last 7 months have gone by. 

Knowing: That life next year will be very different, so enjoying our time now is really important to me. 

Marveling: At how having a good friend over can really give you a better perspective. 

Thinking: About hosting book club on next month and also making reservations for Christmas Tea at the Willard. 

Feeling: Tired and achy. Still getting over this cold from last weekend. 

Bookmarking: Winter coats. I really need a new winter coat for next year and they are all on sale now. I'm thinking about getting this one

Opening: a magazine or good book. 

Giggling: Over the funny things that Sawyer is saying these days. 

Feeling: Thankful. 


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