Our Little Mover Rhett

It's been a while since I blogged and I wish it was for a good reason, but really its because life has been busy and gotten in the way. Whenever I have a free moment, I just collapse on my bed and catch up on TV shows, books, or texts.

That being said this month has been a big one for Rhett and I don't want to forget it. He has popped 3 teeth-which has made sleeping nonexistent some nights-- and I'm pretty sure that he has 2 more that will come through any day now.

Another thing about Rhett is his personality is completely different from that of his brother's. He is very social and if he isn't around people-or if we leave the room for a second-he lets out a blood curdling scream until we scoop him back up. It's very dramatic and Z and I joke about it all the time. He might be little, but he will let his voice be known.

Also, long gone are the days of sitting still. Rhett is crawling and also loves to stand. He's now all over the place. In a split second, he'll be in the kitchen one minute and then near the laundry in another.  He'll also let you know when he's done with his surroundings and wants to be moved. He gets bored within 5 minutes and then let's you know that he wants another toy, adventure, or scene. You definitely have to keep an eye on his little guy and I already know he will be the child that will constantly be keeping me on my toes.

Since Rhett is so active and on the go, I'm so glad we found and love Huggies Little Movers. What I love about them is how durable they are. They have a 12 hour leak protection, which I love because the other brand we were using there would be accidents every so often. Not with Huggies though, so we were sold.

Rhett, thank you for your fun personality, your happiness, and smiles. You make life an adventure, my friend and have really taught me that every child is different. You think you got it figured out one moment and then there's something else to conquer in the next. Thanks for giving me grace, little boy and I'm excited to see where the next 8 months take us.

By the way, If you want a chance of having your little mover featured on the Huggies website, tweet or Instagram a pic of them and use the hashtag #SetBabyFree! Huggies will be selecting photos to feature and show everyone what awesome little movers we have. 


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