Halloween 2015

Halloween was a really big deal for us this year! Sawyer had been planing this costume for weeks and had told each of us what we would be as well. I was to be a cat, Rhett a bunny, and Papa a carrot. He was very serious about it too. I took off my paws for 1 minute to type and immediately Sawyer said, "Um, Mama! Put your paws back on!" It was so fun to see him get in the holiday spirit and it made running around doing activities all weekend--and getting massive sugar highs--totally worth it.

Friday, Z's company had their annual Halloween party full of face painting, trick-or-treating, and balloon animal making. It was a lot of fun and Sawyer had a blast. He loved getting his face painted like a puppy and running around with this gigantic balloon pumpkin.

Saturday, we woke up and Z took the kiddos to a costume party, while I went to my book club's brunch. For book club, we read A Constellation of Vital Phenomena and all agreed it was less than stellar. Oh well! Hopefully next month's book, The Royal We, will be better.

After naps and grilled cheeses on Saturday, we headed to a friend's house for chili and trick-or-treating. Right when we got to the party, Sawyer started complaining of his throat hurting and Rhett was acting up, so we left early to start trick-or-treating on our own. We did about 10 houses before I called it off. It was getting cold and if Sawyer was getting sick I didn't want to risk him getting worst.

He was still up for trick-or-treating though when we got home, so we went to a few houses in our building. It made me really thankful for apartment living. It was warm inside and made the whole experience really easy. Plus, I loved knocking on doors, giggling about how scary some of the houses were, and watching him pick out the candy. (Lollipops were a true favorite this year.) It was one of my favorite memories and him at this age is just too cute. I love how excited he gets about all the holidays now. I just want to soak up every minute and make him stay this little forever.

After that sweet little memory, we all took a downturn. That night all sickness broke loose. Both boys--and myself--were up all night with sore throats, runny noses, and all around goop. Needless to say, we all stayed in on Sunday watching Disney movies, drinking a lot of OJ, and fruits and veggies.


Leslie said…
I hope you all are feeling better. It looks like you had a fun Halloween at least!
Sarah said…
Looks like you had a great Halloween..
Such a beautiful family! It's fun seeing Sawyer get so excited about milestones. I'm so looking forward to Ben as he starts to understand even more. Hope everyone feels better!

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