Sawyer's 3rd Birthday!

A few weekends ago, we celebrated Sawyer's birthday at home. I was planning on having it at a nearby park, but the rain washed away those plans, so we had a cozy little party at our apartment instead.

The morning of we surprised Sawyer with balloons outside his door and made his favorite pancakes--coconut. I loved his face and how excited he was. After breakfast, Sawyer went on a walk with Z and I got to cleaning up for his party.

The overall theme--aside from Superman--was that it was to be low-key and simple. For snacks, we had juice boxes, clementines, goldfish and raisins. The cake was from the bakery downstairs and had a Superman logo on front and a hit. It was chocolate--Sawyer's request--with orange blossom icing. It was delicious and easy.

For crafts, I went to Michaels and bought two $1 foam ghosts and pumpkins for the kids to decorate with either crayons, stickers, or markers. I also had a coloring sheet that said, "Happy Birthday, Sawyer!" that they could decorate as well.

In terms of decorations, I had balloons around the apartment for the kids to play with and had a few flying high near the food as well. I then made a giant 3 out of red construction paper and hung that on the door.

I got a bright blue tablecloth and red napkins, forks, and plates at Party City to go along with the Superman theme. Then, we sent everyone home with a play-dough favor.

The next day, we kept the party going by taking Sawyer to his first movie! We bought popcorn, he gave his ticket to the ticket guy, and off we went. He had a blast and it was so fun to see his face light up and of course, the movie commentary from a 2-year old is always classic. ;)

And that's a wrap on Sawyer's 3rd birthday! I'm still not quite sure where the last 3 years went, but Sawyer has definitely become quite the little boy. He's kind, considerate, and thoughtful and I'm so excited to see what the next year has in store for him. Hopefully, its more singing, dancing, and funny Sawyerisms.  Love you, little buddy and happy 3rd birthday!


Annie said…
He is so cute! Perfect party and y'all's place is so pretty!
Meghan said…
Happy Birthday Sawyer! What movie did you take him to? I can't decide when to take noah to his first.

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