September 2015

In September, we...

Went to Homestead Farms! Ever since I went to a parenting seminar that talked about the importance of weekly and yearly traditions, I've really tried to incorporate them into our daily routine and yearly celebrations. 

One yearly tradition we have is going to Homestead Farms to pick apples and jump in the hay. We started going back in 2013-a month after we first moved here-and have kept up with it ever since. I remember the first time we went, Sawyer had just started walking and we couldn't really do a lot, but sit him in the pumpkin patch and take his picture. Now, he's picking apples, jumping in the hay, and helping us with the wheel barrel. My how things have changed. 

Taste of Falls Church! Falls Church has a small food festival and we made sure to hit that up this year. We tried a lot of yummy foods and then went to the free kids tent where we all made door signs.

Celebrated 4 years! Wow, has time flown! On the 17th, Z and I celebrated 4 years of wedded bliss. We kept it really low-key this year and just went to a place called, SpaceBar. They serve over 15 different types of grilled cheeses and craft beers. Afterwards, we walked it off with a long walk around our neighborhood.

Had Rhett's 6-month appointment. I can't believe it's been half a year already.

Sawyer started school! He started preschool and loves it. Being in early childhood education, I know the importance of a good preschool/early education program and I love that we found one here in the area that both Sawyer and I enjoy. He had his first day a couple weeks ago and loved it. His favorite thing right now is the painting craft times. He's my little artist for sure.

Started ballet lessons! I wanted something fun and creative to do and Z encouraged me to get back into dance. I've only had one lesson so far, but I'm really enjoyed it. It's been a good break from reality and an awesome stress reliever.

It's been a busy September, but such a fun one and I'm really going to miss it. But excited for October though because Sawyer's birthday (3?!?!) is next week and then its Halloween. Sawyer's already demanded that we all be bunnies, but Papa. He'll be a carrot. Ha!


BLovedBoston said…
What a wonderful September! How sweet do your two boys look in that wagon!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston
Leslie said…
You all have been busy! I love the idea of starting traditions, and it looks like so much fun. Also, that's so neat that you've taken up ballet! I hope that October is just as fun for your family. :)
Meghan said…
Oh yeah, I love creating traditions for our family... We've definitely started a few since noah was born and I love it! How cool that you started a ballet class! I dance all through school and contemplate taking something again!
Happy half Birthday to Rhett! The farm looks like a perfect family spot. I love the photo of them in the wheel barrel. So sweet. Also, congrats on four years. You guys have had quite a ride!

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