Monday, September 21, 2015

Panda Express Food Truck in Georgetown #OrangeChickenLove

This weekend was full of good food and Sunday afternoon was no exception. After church, we headed down to Georgetown to check out the Panda Express' Food Truck Tour. We heard they were giving away free Orange Chicken and of course, we were there in a heartbeat. We never turn down a free lunch.

The afternoon turned out to be a lot of fun. We actually found parking right in front of the truck, which is rare in Georgetown and that really set the tone for the rest of the afternoon. I mean the sun was out, the food was free, and there was Panda who walked around giving high fives. What more was there to love?

We also made sure to get in the photo booth as well. I love a good photo booth and this one had fun props and the pictures were quickly emailed to you for free. Plus, the guys behind the booth really did their best in trying to get Sawyer and Rhett to look at the camera and smile. Anyone who helps out with getting us a good family photo is a winner in my book.

When we were leaving, we were handed free swag , which was another hit for my almost 3 year old. He got a bright orange bracelet, stickers, and a pin. There were also dancers, so we were all pretty hyped on when we left. 

Thanks again, Panda Express for making eating out so fun. 

You Can Grab Free Chicken Too!
You can grab your free lunch or snack too. Panda Express is going across the country right now. Check out if they will be hitting up your neighborhood soon. It is definitely worth it. 


A Simple Southern Life said...

That is always so nice when you can find inexpensive/free things to do!

Jenuine Happiness said...

What a fun weekend and great family photos! I can't believe how big Sawyer is getting. He is such a handsome little guy, and Rhett is a sweetie pie.

Dee said...

Happy Autumn! What a fun outing with the family. Your oldest son looked like he was really enjoying himself. I just wish there was a food truck like that in my neck of the woods... :)

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