Links and Products I'm Loving.

Before I write this post and share with you some things/links that have been filling me up, I just have to stop and wonder how this little boy pictured above is turning 3 (?!?!) next week.  Sweet babe is well on his way to becoming a boy and leaving his baby days behind. Please tell me where time rushing off to and how I can stop it?! 

Okay, onto to why I wanted to write this post to begin with. Usually, I don't have strong feelings about products, books or recipes, but recently, I've just found a few really good products and articles that I want to share with you all. So, here we go..

My Adventure Journal. I know I'm late to the party on this, but my favorite thing to do with Sawyer this year is the Archer Adventure Journal. The journal is used to "fill the little hearts in your home with an excitement to start journalling their own stories, ponder what is going on in their lives, and get in God’s Word to find direction & comfort." Every week there is a Bible verse that you go over with your little guy/girl and then you write--interview style--about what was good about their day, what was hard, what they want to pray for, etc. We do this every night at dinner or before bed and it starts really good conversations with us and Sawyer. 

I also love that each book has the year on the spine so I can pull them out easily on the shelf and go back over what we were doing/thinking/praying for during that time. I highly highly suggest getting this book. 

This Is What I Do. My favorite book this year. Hands down. Really interesting and thought-provoking. Plus, the pictures throughout are amazing and really bring the story to life. 

This Lavender All Natural Baby Wash and Shampoo, which is free of sulfates, parabens, and phosphates and helps calm down the boys after a long day. 

And onto a silly thing that I'm loving and recommend is this mascara. I've never found a great mascara, so I feel like this is worth mentioning. ha! 

Finally, Z and I rented Philomena last weekend and wow, it's pretty spectacular. I know it came out a couple years ago, but if you haven't seen it, then its definitely one to check out.  

"Wouldn't it be refreshing if we talked more openly about how much effort we exert to hold it all together?"--This quote from this article. A thousand times yes!

Loved this blurb from the blog post, Is It Out of Style to be Happy? She says, "The world tells us that it’s just not enough. I’ve been having a hard time seeing it for what it is. While I’ve been thinking it’s a lack of motivation, I think it might actually be called happiness. Only sometimes, that ugly monster called comparison pops his head up and asks if I am really happy being at home, cleaning up messes, making lunches and settling arguments instead of flying off somewhere fun or pursuing something grand. It’s really the idea of the dream that seems appealing. But, the reality of it. . . not so much."

And there are some things that have been filling me up lately! Share any that have been inspiring you and have a great rest of the week! xo


Lauren said…
I love that Adventure journal. We are always trying to start conversations with Elyse and she just shuts us down, mainly because I think she doesn't know how to explain. What do you do if he doesn't want to participate?
Leslie said…
Thanks for sharing some of your favorite things! I also thought that Emily's post was really great. I think a lot of the time we are made to think we have to be constantly striving and can't simply just be.

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