Ireland Adventure: Wicklow County

Wicklow County was the last stop on our little Irish adventure. We spent 2 days there and loved it. It was so beautiful and the best place to end our time abroad. We stayed at the Powerscourt hotel and the surrounding mountains were actually purple due to all the flowers that grow on the mountain. Gorgeous. 

The last day, we went to Powerscourt Gardens and I absolutely loved it. It was a bright sunny day, our first warm day in Ireland, and the grounds were incredible. There were different sections for different countries and it made the whole walk around really interesting. There was even a Pet Graveyard, which was funny and kinda cute to see. 

After our day there, we headed back up to Dublin and flew back home. Ireland, was a really good trip for our family. It was hard in a lot of ways because Mr. Rhett never adjusted to the time change-so no one got a good night's sleep-but it was really good in a lot of ways as well. We couldn't use our cell phones, so there wasn't a distraction or care. It was time just spent with us and I loved it. Its so rare these days--or at least in our lives--to be completely disconnected and I found that I really needed it. I came back from Ireland refreshed and ready to take on the new year. 



I give you guys big credit for going over with two little ones! You are awesome. Honestly, I have such good memories of Ireland and it is such a kid-friendly magical place. So impressed with everything you fit into one trip too!

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