England Adventure--Althorp

Given Princess Diana's death was 18 years ago this week, it only seems fitting to talk about my short time in England during our little European vacation.

My friend, Ben is one of my dearest friends. We met in college and instantly hit it off. He makes me laugh, he challenges me, and whenever we get together--which is just about once every 3 years--we instantly fall back into how we were. It's like time never passed.

Ben is turning 30 this year in Vegas and unfortunately, I won't be able to celebrate with him. But, when I was talking to Zach about that, he proposed that I go over to spend a weekend with him in England since we would be so close. I immediately threw the idea out to Ben, booked a ticket, and grew even more excited about our trip.

The night before I flew out to see him, Ben sent me a text asking if I wanted to see Princess Diana's childhood home, Althorp. Um, yes?! I've loved Princess Diana ever since I was little and this was about to make my weekend even more special.

Althrop isn't open to the public for much of the year because the Spencer's still live there, so it was really such a treat to be able to do the tour and walk the grounds. They were spectacular and so very beautiful. Because of them, I'm now obsessed with old English estates.

Here are some pictures of my super quick, but really fun 27 hours in England.

I got to meet Ben's boyfriend, Rich. Loved seeing these two together.
He made me try a cricket. I was not a fan.
Thanks for having me, Ben! 


Meghan said…
So fun! I would have loved to see her childhood home too! What a great husband for suggesting spending the weekend with your friend!
P!nky said…
You saw a lot in your 27 hours. I really want to visit England.
Ooh, fun! Looks beautiful! I'm headed to London in a few days, so it's fun to look over your pics and feel inspired!
Leslie said…
So great to have a friend like that. That's so neat that you were able to book a trip to England!
Em said…
I wouldn't be a fan of cricket either haha. I would LOVE to go to England though! Looks like you had so much fun! :)
I was rewatching an episode of Downton Abbey while reading this post! Her home looks unreal. I'm so jealous of your trip!

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