Ireland Adventures--Waterford

So far this has been one of the coolest things that we've done on vacation and if you ever get the opportunity to go to Waterford, Ireland and tour the Waterford Crystal House then I absolutely would.

I really learned about Waterford crystal when I was engaged and registering for a registry and have been a fan every since. The few pieces that we did get for our wedding are so beautiful and the quality just can't be beat. When Z and I were thinking of what we wanted to do on our trip, this was a non-negotiable for me. Thankfully, the tour wasn't too girlie and both him and the boys had a great time seeing how each piece was made.

I think the best thing about the tour was how unclose and personal you get with the craftsman. They are just a few feet in front of you and you can see them blowing and molding the crystal right there in front of you. Their work is stunning and watching them create a vase out of nothing was really fascinating.

At the latter part of the tour, you get to hold the People's Choice awards that will soon be shipped to LA for the award show and also, other famous pieces that they are making like a crystal football for the Super Bowl winners or other great gifts for well-known celebrities like President Obama. That was a fun experience because each of the gifts or awards were really beautiful and intricate.

The tour ends with you at their huge factory store. We bought a nice decanter and a few other pieces and plan to have those as family heirlooms. Really really cool stuff and such a dream to be able to do the tour.


Annie said…
Ohhhh this is the coolest! Obsessed with Waterford. You're so lucky yall got to do this!!
BLovedBoston said…
So cool that you guys got to go to the factory!! We have the first ever waterford crystal store in Boston and it's just gorgeous! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston
Jillian said…
wow! such a cool spot. that's so fun that they make awards too. xo jillian - cornflake dreams
Leslie said…
What a great opportunity! My husband's grandma went to Ireland last year and she also went on the Waterford tour. It sounds like a great experience!

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