Ireland Adventures--Dublin

Howya! So much to report about our adventure in Ireland so far. Our travels began in Dublin and we spent two days there. Honestly, we didn't do a lot because our flight leaving the US kept getting delayed, so we actually didn't end up leaving Dulles until 1 am. Ouch! Thankfully, both the boys slept the whole flight, but we were all pretty jet-lagged when we arrived. The only thing we ended up doing that evening was going to a local pub, Fitzgeralds, for traditional Irish fare.

Our first morning there, we slept in until 10 am, had a great breakfast, and then went straight to Trinity College to see the Book of Kells.

Trinity College was really pretty. It was founded in 1592 and reminded me a lot of Oxford or Cambridge. Once there, we stood in line to see the Book of Kells, which was located in this beautiful old library on campus. That in itself was pretty remarkable. However, there wasn't a lift and to get to the library you have to climb a lot of stairs, so that part was a little interesting and difficult with a 2 year old, 4 month old, and stroller.

Once inside though, the Book of Kells was really amazing. It's a old latin manuscript that from the 9th century and contains the 4 gospels. Really cool and I couldn't stop staring at how detailed the script was.

After the library, we picked up snacks for the boys and headed back for a good 3 hour nap. Thankfully, both boys slept and we were all able to get some rest.

After our nap, Z wanted to take us to a church that had a shrine to St Valentine and where he is laid to rest. I didn't think anything of it and just sat at the back of the church and let Z and Sawyer explore. However a few minutes later, Z urged me to come down to the front of the church meet him. There wasn't anyone around and when I got there he surprised me with a re-commitment ceremony. He had his vows written out and it was incredibly sweet to have the boys there as well. I'll never forget that moment and I can't believe he surprised me with that incredibly thoughtful gesture. It really set the tone for our trip and this time together.

We went out to eat afterwards and then got ice cream to celebrate at Murphys. Its ice cream that is made locally and was really delicious. I recommend stopping for a scoop if you are ever in Dublin.

The next morning, we had a late breakfast again and then headed out to Waterford to tour the Waterford Crystal Factory.


Leslie said…
How sweet of your husband! It looks like even though things didn't start off exactly as planned that you were able to adjust, which is no small feat with two little ones!
Pris said…
Sounds like a great trip and what a wonderful gift from your husband!
Jillian said…
sooo sweet of your husband!!! :)
Whitney said…
That is the sweetest thing! Hopefully your boys were being good so you could actually hear what he was saying! ;) That would so be my luck that they would both be screaming. Glad y'all are getting to explore with your little fam!
I just stalked all of your Ireland posts :) I hope to go there in my near future.

Seriously impressed you went with the two kiddos! I love it when parents take their children to see the world!

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