Ireland Adventures--Cork

After Waterford, we headed to Cork, which is we stayed for the next 5 days. My cousin actually lives in Cork and has two young kids, so it was fun to catch up with him and for Sawyer to play with his cousins.

During the day, my cousin had to work, so we would go on little adventures around the city center. One of the first places we went was Blarney Castle, which is 30 minutes northwest of the city. Blarney is famous because of the Blarney Stone, which you are supposed to kiss in order to gain the gift of eloquence. Well, we didn't do that. The line was too long, it was raining, and the stairs leading up to the stone were slippery and being the paranoid parent that I am,  I was worried about Sawyer falling or slipping down the stairs.

Instead we roamed around the grounds, which were truly magical and to us a lot more fun. The rose gardens were in bloom when we were there and the river that went through the park were really pretty. Sawyer loved running around seeing everything, especially the random tractor that was parked beside one of the waterways. Such a boy. ;)

The big godsend of this week was our washer and dryer. Even though we lived in Spain two summers ago and I studied abroad over here, we had never rented a car in Europe before. When I was talking to my cousin about our trip, he warned us to pack light because the cars over here are so small and we wouldn't have a lot of room for our suitcases. Aside from his advice, we were going to pack simply anyways because no one likes carrying or dragging (or paying for) tons of luggage, two carseats, and stroller through the airport. So to us, packing light meant each person got 3-4 outfits. Needless to say, we were thankful and did many loads of wash throughout this week. #thankgod


Next up is my short visit across the way to visit my friend, Ben in England.


Ireland looks like an amazing place to visit! Enjoy your trip!


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