Ireland Adventure--Killarney & Kennedy's Farm

Kennedy's Pet Farm outside of Killarney was one of the coolest things we did with the kids. All the animals--goats, pigs, chickens, deer, bunnies, puppies, and cows--roam freely with visitors and you are play and pet any of them. It was such a treat and I kinda fell in love with the littlest piglet, Babe, who you can see at the bottom there.


BLovedBoston said…
Oh my gosh can't get over the size of that piggy!! Looks like a fun time!! xo, biana
Leslie said…
It looks like so much fun! You all are such a cute family!
You got to feed some of the animals! That is way too cool!

Such an adorable family! and also, that pig is huge!! He looks like he would be very fun to rub.
Jillian said…
aww this is so fun! that pig is HUGE! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

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