Ireland Adventure-Giants Causeway & Carrick-a-Rede Rope

We took the Coastal Scenic route to Giants Causeway and Carrick-a-Rede and it was incredible. The prettiest drive we've ever taken and reminded me a little bit of Seventeen Mile Drive in Carmel. Gorgeous and it was the perfect day too. The sun was out, the kids were napping, and Zach and I were able to just sit back and enjoy.

Our first stop was Carrick-a-Rede. Its a little under a mile to get to the rope bridge and its again, a gorgeous walk. To the left is the sea and to the right is a pasture full of cows just lazily grazing. It's a magnificent backdrop. We didn't go over the rope bridge because I thought it was too dangerous with the boys, but it was fun to see and take the walk up to that point.

After that, we grabbed some lunch then headed over to Giant's Causeway--a great natural wonder of the world. We took the boys down to the bottom and made a lot of stops along the way so Sawyer could pick up rocks and sticks and whatever else he could find.

The cool thing about Giants Causeway is that its a place like no other. The rocks and stones are all neatly stacked in pillars and have a hexagonal shape to them. It's really interesting because they are all nature made, but yet, so uniformed.

I was also taken aback--like I was at the Book of Kells--at how old and still intact everything is. Giants Causeway is said to be 6 million years old and looking up and around at all the rocks and pillars, its incredible to think of everyone whose been through here and how much has and hasn't changed.

The really lame thing about Giants Causeway though is how much it is to enter and then they charge you to ride back up the hill as well. Without kids, we would've walked back up no problem, but it was a long day and finding out it was more money--on top of our admissions fee--to take a 2 minute ride back up was kinda lame. Oh well.


Meghan said…
How beautiful! Your whole trip really sounds amazing and I'm so impressed with people who travel overseas with little kids. I admit it scares me 😉
Leslie said…
Wow! It looks absolutely amazing and what neat memories for you and your family. I agree that is lame they charged admission to go back seems like you all still had a great day though!
Don't you just love it when the children are napping, and you just have these few hours for yourselves? So great. And this looks like a lovely trip!

Jillian said…
what a beautiful spot! Thats a bummer that they charge you to ride up the hill but i dont blame you, it'd be tough hauling the kiddos up and down. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

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