Ireland Adventure-Belfast

Sawyer caught a cold when we were in Belfast, so we spent 2 days staying in and taking care of him. We would venture out for a cup of coffee or a run to the local market, but other than that we just hung around the little cottage we rented on Air BnB. (And PS-There is another site like AirBnB that caters to just families and kids. We found out about it a little too late, but will be using it in the future. Its called Kid + Coe and you can check it out here.)

The third day, Sawyer was feeling better, so we booked a candy making class for him at Aunt Sandra's Factory. We did the lollipop class and it was so much fun. Sawyer was laughing along with the story, raising is hand to answer the questions, and loving that you got to try various types of hard candies, lollipops and cotton candy. If you have kids, I highly recommend this little shop.

That night, we went to The Barking Dog for dinner and it was phenomenal. I think our favorite part was how friendly they were to Sawyer. Zach and I ordered cocktails and not to leave Sawyer out, they brought a "kid-friendly" cocktail--just cucumber and water--out to Sawyer. The waiter then checked on Sawyer throughout the meal and said, "Okay, if you eat all your carrots then I'll bring out a special treat for you." Sawyer was so proud of having eaten everything that he carried his plate to the waiter afterwards to show him. The waiter then brought out a fresh fruit plate for him. It was really sweet of them to do that.


Leslie said…
What a sweet waiter! Also, I love how you arranged for Sawyer to do a candy making class. That's such a great idea!
Jillian said…
ahh this is so fun! and something i'd totally love to do! xo jillian - cornflake dreams
A lollipop class? I need to go to one of those!


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