Ways to Celebrate the Christmas Season

The first year Z and I were married, I wanted to make special traditions that were tailored just for us. Some of those traditions have stayed-like getting a new ornament each year-and some of gone to the wayside-like eating Thai food every Christmas Eve.

Now, that we have Sawyer and he is old enough to finally "get" what Christmas is all about, we really wanted to make this holiday season fun for him. Everyday we try to celebrate in some way, shape or form. Each day isn't a big thing. One day it meant making hot chocolate and listening to a Christmas station as we put away laundry or it could be bigger things like seeing Santa or going to an exhibit. But each day, I want to make it a point that this season is special, magical, and one that involves family and Christ.

I love whenever I see other blogs and websites that give Christmas ideas and activities, so I decided to include my little list as well. Some of the things are silly, but they are little memories that are quickly becoming my favorite. Also, let me know if you do anything fun over the holidays. I always love hearing new ideas, especially if it involves little ones, and maybe I can add them into our list this year or next.

{Day 1} Bought a chocolate advent calendar.

{Day 2} Bought and decorated our Christmas tree. Can't believe this is the first year we are actually doing this! Every Christmas before we just had a little fake tree that we set up, but this is the first year we actually went for the real deal and I'm so glad we did. There isn't anything better than the smell of a real tree.

{Day 3} Took the long way home-meaning I went up and down two streets in our neighborhood before turning into ours- and we pointed out all the Christmas lights and trees. Sawyer gets so excited whenever he spots a Christmas tree before me. It's too funny.

{Day 4} Had hot cocoa and listened to Christmas tunes on pandora.

{Day 5} Read a Christmas book before bed. It was actually a really great book and I recommend it if you are looking for a good and different holiday book. It's called the Littlest Angel  and apparently its a play too.

{Day 6} Bull Run Festival of Lights. We were going to do this next weekend, but it was so rainy and cold that we decided to switch up plans and do the drive-through festival instead. It was a really fun.  You pay $15 and drive through a festival of lights for about 30 minutes. At the end you are greeted by the Holiday Village where there are smores, a bonfire, hot cocoa, and yes, Santa! Sawyer got his picture taken and hated every minute of it. Poor guy. Santa even gave him a reindeer animal and peppermint stick and he still wasn't having it. Next year!

{Day 7} Botanic Gardens Christmas display. One of my favorite things about living in DC is all the free museums and exhibits. Today, we went to check out out the train and Christmas exhibit here and it was great. I loved looking at the DC monuments that were made out of bark or plant materials and Sawyer loved the trains, especially the Thomas. A bonus is that its so warm in there, so its great on a cold and windy day.


BLovedBoston said…
So amazing that you guys are creating your own traditions with Sawyer!! That probably makes this time of year so much fun for you!
Such fun Christmas traditions! I love the idea of doing something festive each day!!
Leslie said…
I love all your ideas! Your family is definitely savoring the season. :) Also, my husband and I visited the Botanical Gardens a month or so ago, and I was really impressed by the displays too. The miniatures of DC landmarks are so neat!
We did the trains today- It is the 4th year in a row I've taken the kids and I think the lighthouses have been my favorite so far
Courtney B said…
So much goodness in this post!! I am loving all things Christmas (obviously!) but all this Christmas stuff with Mia? It's the best! Really brings me back to why we really celebrate Christmas!
I've never had a real tree! One of these years I must experience one!

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