Quick Trip To NYC

This Tuesday, Sawyer and I flew up to New York to spend time with a few friends and also to hang out with Z. Its been such a great trip with Sawyer. He's enthusiastically pointed out every taxi, bus, and truck, so he's been nonstop yelling, "Mom! Bus! Beep beep! Truck!". Aside from Sawyer's obvious enjoyment, the trip's been great--it's been sunny and having all 3 meals with Z has been amazing. Plus, getting to catch up with friends from California has been such a breath of fresh air. 

Since we've been here, I haven't looked at my phone all that much. We've just been too busy, so I don't have a lot of pictures of our NYC adventures, but some of fun things that we've done so far are:

Dylan's Candy Bar: We went yesterday afternoon with a girlfriend and Sawyer got to pick out candies for his Dad. Aside from the 3 floors of candy, he also spotted some stuffed bunnies that he absolutely had to have. 

Central Park: Yesterday, a girlfriend and I walked for 3 hours through Central Park. I got a much needed workout, Sawyer got to see some turtles and ducks and I got to meet my sweet friend's new babe. It was heaven.

Dishes: We met Zach and a friend for lunch at dishes, which is a salad, sandwich, and hot bar place with great food that is all been made from scratch.  I loved their fresh juices and my applewood chicken sandwich was delicious. The only downside was that it was incredibly crowded, which was a little frustrating, but not the biggest of deals.

Angelos Pizza: A girlfriend recommended Angelos to us, so after picking Z up from work we walked over. Once I got there, I had realized I had been there before! The service was still great and the pizza came over within 10 minutes, which was perfect when your toddler doesn't like waiting. 

And a favorite moment from the trip was last night at dinner Sawyer started to act up and a few minutes later a little boy cautiously walked over to our table holding a Superman doll. He handed it to Sawyer and said, "He can have this." We said, "Are you sure? Don't you want it?" The little boy shook his head no and then his Dad walked over and said, "When I picked him up today, he said he wanted to get a toy and give it to the next child we saw that didn't have one." So sweet. People can be so awesome sometimes.

(L: The Superman doll R: Sawyer's been waving at everyone passing by, but sadly most people are in a hurry here and haven't noticed except for the sweet construction worker on 65th who waved back.)
Tomorrow, we head to Boston to spend time with Z's aunt and uncle and with Z for the week before heading home. Hopefully, I'll be better at taking more pictures then. 


What a fun trip! And what a sweet little boy to give a gift to a stranger!
Annie said…
That is the cutest lil story! Enjoy Boston!
Leslie said…
What a great trip! I love the Superman story, and it seems like you are really enjoying yourselves. :)
Heather said…
Sounds like a great trip! I love New York and Boston, too. Have fun!
Another sweet story and great trip! I love those pictures of Sawyer in the bathrobe...ADORABLE!

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