Lent--My Retreat

2014 started off rough.

In January, I came down with a sinus infection and cold. A few days later, I was told I had strep throat and was given the standard antibiotic. A day after taking the antibiotic, I couldn't lift my head off the pillow without feeling nauseas, light-headed, and dizzy. I was on bed rest for 24 hours and then slowly started to feel normal again. I called my doctor and she said that it was probably a reaction to the antibiotic and that she would prescribe me another. The next day, I was at a Open House for a preschool and again, started to feel dizzy and nauseas, but this time my vision started to become blurry as well and I developed a migraine by noon. This went on for 2 weeks.

Thankfully, my neighbors took turns watching Sawyer or bringing me groceries. I even had a sweet friend bring me chicken soup and magazines one day. I was thankful, but also getting increasingly frustrated. Every morning, I would get dizzy and by noon I would have a migraine. It was debilitating. I have never been that sick and couldn't watch Sawyer. I was in and out of doctor appointments and even the ER.

I had an MRI and had blood work done, but no one could figure it out until I went to one neurologist, who said that I had vertigo. Vertigo doesn't have a "cure", so they gave me medications to help with my symptoms and said that it was brought on by lack of sleep and stress. Basically being a Mom. She told me to realize what my stress triggers are and to get 8+ hours of sleep a night because too much stress can bring on "spells" and these "spells" can last up to two weeks. Great!

After that calmed down, I realized my vision had become blurry in one my eyes and long story short, I ended up getting glasses. January, wore me out. Hello 2014! Its sure nice to meet ya!

At the end of February, Sawyer started having a sleep regression. One week it was due to teething and last night, I have no idea what happened. He was down at 7 and back up from 9:30-11:30.

This all to say that when lent came around, I was excited. I needed this retreat and this chance to reflect. I got off Facebook and am using this time to work on my relationships. To focus on people and to open our home more often to friends. To have people over and get to know them better instead of strolling through a site. To be more in the here and now and to journal and reflect instead of having those "I wish I had more time to's" pile up.

So far, it feels really good. Really good. I'm more present with Sawyer and more aware. I'm also finding more time to be in the word and complete my bible study, which hasn't happened since December. I'm connecting with friends and trying to think of ways to love those around me. To figure out ways in which I can better serve them.

Even though its been a week, I'm realizing how much I needed this grace period. I needed this time to relax, refuel and refocus. It's making me  feel more whole and also more excited and eager for what 2014 has in store.


Heather said…
I'm so sorry you were that sick earlier in the year. It's great that you're using the season of Lent to focus on relaxing and refueling!
Wow, you did have a rough start to the year! I hope it gets much better the rest of the year!
Lauren said…
Ughh...girl I'm so sorry! Such a difficult thing when you're sick at all...and especially with a rambunctious toddler! I hope you're able to feel refreshed in this season, you definitely deserve it!
Becca said…
So sorry about such a rough spring! And thank you for sharing what you are doing to refresh and re-center you. I feel like I need some of that RIGHT NOW. I'm on vacation with my family, but in some ways that's more stressful than just being at home and in a routine. I thought about giving up FB for Lent, and now I wish I had. I think the break and the re-focusing -- and deliberately making more time for the Word -- would really help. I always have more strength and energy (not from myself!) to face life once I have spent time reaching into the depths of the Word and spending time in prayer.
Annie said…
Bless your heart! A co-worker had vertigo at one point and it is brutal. I'm glad you're feeling better!
Leslie said…
I'm sorry that you have been going through so much, but I'm glad that Lent has brought a respite.
Wow...you've had a rough start to the year--I'm sorry! Spring is coming and hopefully warmer weather will help!

Taking time to focus on the here and now is crucial..it is so easy to get caught up in everything else!
Good for you! We are looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday!
thankful that things are going better for you!!! .. great time to reflect!

PS _ i have a GIVEAWAY going on - if your interested love for you to stop by .. pass on the good karma :o)
Madeline said…
I had a sinus infection this year too! They are seriously painful. I'm glad you were able to refocus and feel at ease!

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