DIY Drink Stirrers

This Saturday at my birthday brunch,  I had a small mimosa bar. There were two types of juices, champagne and fun drink stirrers. I wanted the drink stirrers to fit the spring brunch theme, so I decided to make the drink stirrers myself. These are super easy and I almost feel silly saying it's a DIY because it really is that simple. 

All you need are blank address labels and plain drink stirrers. The blank address labels I got from Tiny Prints. They have a collection of really fun prints and designs that I kept contemplating over, but I finally decided on these. The bright pink polka dots and orange seemed like the perfect colors for a springtime birthday brunch and the drink stirrers I got are from our local grocery store. 


1. Place the drink stirrer towards the end of the address label. Leave enough room to wrap the address label around the top of the stirrer. 

2. Wrap the stirrer with the address label. 

3. Fold the leftover part in half. 

4. Sir a cocktail and enjoy! 


These are adorable! I will need to make these for the next get together I throw!
Heather said…
Super cute! I love these!
Sarah O said…
Hi from your newest follower! I love your blog. The stirs are so cute and super easy.
LOVE these! What a cute and easy way to dress up cocktails.

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