Birthday Brunch!

This morning, I had a few friends over to celebrate my 28th birthday. It was an opportunity for Z and I to open up our home, hang out with friends, and spend time outside. It was a lot of fun and a great opportunity for friends to come over, meet each other, and eat some food. 

For food, I kept it really simple. We had cucumber sandwiches, mini quiches, hummus and veggies, pound cake, and baked brie with honey. For drinks, we had a mimosa bar, coffee, sweet tea, and water. Nothing needed to be prepared -except the sandwiches-and everything was quickly grabbed off  last night on our big grocery store run. It made the whole event less stressful and more fun.

To decorate, I again didn't really do much. I wanted the colors to be bright and spring-y, so I grabbed a plastic teal tablecloth, chevron plates and napkins from Target. I then used blank gift tags as food labels and attached blank orange and pink address labels to stirrers as decorative drink stirrers. We then set up corn hole in the backyard for a game.

It was a wonderful morning and a great way to start my 28th year. Here's to many more friends and brunches and memories like these.


Meghan said…
Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Leslie said…
How cute! I love how you hosted your gathering. Hope you have a lovely birthday!
Happy happy birthday! (I'm missing some good sweet tea...and you guys too of course!) ;)
Dee Stephens said…
You look great! Happy belated bday.
Lauren said…
so fun! Happy Belated birthday!
Heather said…
Sounds like a fun time! Happy belated birthday!
Happy Birthday! Love the little drink labels!

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