Two Years of Marriage.

Today is Z and I's 2nd wedding anniversary and I can honestly say that I love that man more than I did on that day. I think back to that day and how happy I was. I thought I knew what love was and what it entailed, but I was all wrong. It wasn't until we got into the thick of it that I realized what true love was. It's a commitment-our commitment. Our commitment to love each other even when we're angry, grumpy, or hormonal. A commitment to forgive each other even when it's hard and even when every ounce of you is saying not to. 

I look back now and almost feel silly to think that we knew what love was back then. Even now, I don't think I know all the ins and outs of it, but I do know that I'm just so happy. Happy to see how far we've come and content with where we are now. I'm so excited for the next year and I can't wait to see what life has in store for us in DC.

And how are we going to celebrate? Well, tonight we are going to one of our favorite restaurants and it's also the one that Z took me to right before he proposed. Memories. :) 


Dee Stephens said…
Gorgeous pictures. Congrats on 2 years
Brittany said…
This is so sweet, and so encouraging! I am getting married in just a couple weeks and am so happy to hear how 2 years in, you are only more in love than the day you said I Do.
Annie said…
Your pictures are SO good! Happy 2 years!
eas said…
what lovely pictures. you look amazing! are you in northern va now? i am so sorry i dropped the ball on getting you in touch with a mom's group/my friend who works in schools. we have been having a CRAZY time with birthday's/back to school/sickness and some other things. No excuse but just want to say I'm sorry. Not like me at all.
Beautiful, happy Anniversary! See you Thursday!
Beautiful pictures! Happy anniversary!

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