Semana Grande 2013

Hello, hello! We are back from Spain and this week has flown by. I'm jet-lagged and now have a million things to do before we move to DC, but life is good and I'm so glad to be back in Roanoke for a bit with my family before we move.

Before I get into all that we've been up to lately, I wanted to write about our last week in San Sebastian. Our last 7 days in Spain just happened to fall on Semana Grande (The Big Week), which is a 7 day festival that features an international fireworks competition, streets full of children's games and activities, and various street performances that happen throughout the city. Another fun fact about the festival is after the opening ceremony and first firework show, the tradition is for the whole town to go out for gelato afterwards. Pretty fun, right?
This year the festival started on a Saturday and you could see Spanish men filling the streets wearing berets and knee-high socks. Then that evening, everyone gathered around the town hall and a canon blasted twice which kicked off the festivities. It was something that Sawyer, being a 10-month old, did not enjoy. 

However, out of all the activities that week, my favorite was the international fireworks competition. This year marked its 50th anniversary and every night a different company from another country would put on an amazing fireworks show over the beach. Judges stood on a nearby hotel balcony and would judge each night's performance based on light and personality. It was reported that each night 70,000 people would crowd the beach and nearby Urgall Mountain to watch the shows. Luckily, we were able to see them from our bedroom and didn't have to fight the crowds for a good view. Each company put on a fantastic show, but I think our favorite was Australia.They really lit up the sky.

San Sebastian, you put on a good show and we'll see you next time. 



birdie to be said…
Youre back home! Sounds like you had an amazing time in Spain. Can't wait to get to San Sebastian one day!
Annie said…
Welcome back to the States!
Lauren said…
welcome back! but a fireworks competition...that sounds AMAZING!!!
eliz said…
Ohhhhh lucky to be part of the festivities!! Good luck getting situated!

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