Madrid, Spain

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Well, this is the last of my travel posts and even a week out I'm starting to feel like the whole thing was a dream. A really pretty, happy dream. That being said, I wanted to conclude my travel posts with our last stop in Spain-Madrid.
Madrid taught me the meaning of siesta because man, oh, man was it hot. The heat was insane. I remember walking a couple of blocks one morning and just becoming exhausted afterwards. Luckily, we were staying with a friend who had a pool in his apartment complex so we-along with the rest of the tenants- just hung out there most of our days and then did our sight seeing later in the evenings after it had cooled down a bit.

While in Madrid, our friend-who also happened to be a tour guide when he was younger-showed us the local sites and also gave us the historical background of each place. I loved seeing the palace, the old part of the city, and the royal theater. He also took us out and made us try local Spanish cuisine. Being a foodie, I think that was one of my favorite parts.
One of the days, we decided to take Sawyer to the zoo. The Madrid zoo is one of the largest in the world and pretty incredible. Once we entered we could "travel" to different continents and see the animals that lived in those different areas and parts of the world. While we were there, some of the animals we saw were zebra, monkeys, rhinos, elephants, penguins, horses, bears, hippos, giraffes, seals and pandas. There was also an aquarium that was attached, but it was just too hot to stay and we had just visited the one in San Sebastian, so we decided against it. However, judging from the zoo, I can only imagine that its well worth the visit as well.

The flamingos basically roamed free and it was really fun.
On our last night, we strolled through Retiro Park, which once belonged to the royal family until 1868 and then was turned over to the "peasants". This park was gorgeous. There was a large pond that had little boats that you could rent and it also had manicured gardens and famous galleries and statues that were scattered around. It looked like something out of a movie.

Now, we are back and we actually just spent the last weekend up in DC house hunting. We found two that we loved and now can't decide between the two. I know this is a good problem to have, but its also incredibly frustrating. I think we'll figure it out within the next day or two. At least I hope so. :)


Dee Stephens said…
Love those flamingos! What an experience!
birdie to be said…
I absolutely love your pictures! Can't wait to travel there and pick your brain about where to go ;) Gorgeous flamingo shot!
Lauren said…
gorgeous photos & I'm just a tid-bit jealous of your fabulous summer full of international memories!
jamiedawn said…
aw i love flamingos! you can't take a bad picture of flamingos. ya just can't!
Nicole Marie said…
i cant beleiv ei lived in madrid for a year and never went to the zoo
eliz said…
oohhh flamingo fun! Spain is on our must visit list...mostly because we love tapas and Sangria...hahaha

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