Lock of Love: A Love That Won't Die

After work, Z and I went on a long walk around San Sebastian. We are trying to make that our evening routine since we are leaving San Sebastian so soon. We want to soak it all in. As we strolled around town, we ended up talking about how grateful we are to have an experience like this, especially while Sawyer is so portable and young. And how 7 weeks was just the right amount of time. We were able to  know the city, soak it in, and not rush through everything. It was nice. 

We ended our walk at an overlook near the aquarium. Up there on the railings are locks which are placed by couples who want to leave their love for the world to see. They then throw away the key to symbolize that they will always be together. The only way to break this love would be to find the key and unlock the padlock, which would be impossible since most couples throw their key into the water after they lock their lock. 

When we got there, Z surprised me by handing me a lock that he had thoughtfully inscribed with the same saying that is in our wedding bands as well-Forever Thine. He then said that San Sebastian has been such a special time for us that he thought that this place would only be the most appropriate. I agreed and then got really excited that we would have something to come back to in the future to show our kids and grandkids.

We picked a place that looked directly at the island and that was further away from most of the locks. I made sure to take a lot of pictures so Sawyer or us could find it when we were older. 

After locking it to the railing-and like tradition tells us to-we threw away the key into the ocean. 

San Sebastian, I'm so glad that we now have a very special reason to come back to you. Thank you for being so amazing. We love you.


Whitney said…
This is so cool! I love that he surprised you with the lock. Too sweet! I think there was a date on the Bachelorette when Emily was on there where they did this?
Lauren said…
this is awesome! and what a sweet surprise that he had a lock specially engraved!
Lauren said…
That is so sweet! I love that he surprised you with a special / engraved lock! Going back someday will be so romantic :)
sweet post!

eliz said…
Awesome....great thing to do!
Who knew they made engraved locks? This sounds so special!

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