5 Things-Spanish Edition

For today's Five of Friday, I wanted to share with you some pictures from when my family came to visit a couple weeks ago. It's always a blast whenever they are around and having them here was no exception. It was like having a little bit of home with me and I was so thankful that they were able to share in these memories with us while we are here. 

That week, they were also able to establish a relationship with Sawyer and that is so so important to me. It really made my heart smile each time my aunt would play peek-a-boo with the babe or my uncle would laugh at one of his antics. And the really really awesome thing is that we will be 4 hours from them in the fall and this relationship will only grow stronger.

So anyways, here's our week in pictures and five things we did: 

1. Hiked the Way of Saint James
The Way of Saint James is an old pilgrimage route and extends all over Europe and even into South Africa. We hiked about 5 miles and it was absolutely gorgeous. If there is one thing that you do in San Sebastian it's this hike. It's absolutely breathtaking and the views are just incredible. You walk along the ocean for the whole trek and its just majestic. I really need to stop gushing, but seriously, this is a must do. 
Z photo bombing

2. Took family pictures or should I say tried to. 

3. Played with little man

4. Went on a Pintxo Tour
Pintxo tours are expensive and I knew that Z and I could put together one just as good, so we did! We found a website online that has different sample pintxo tours and what you should try at each place, so I wrote down a few places and items and off we went. It was a lot of fun and I introduced them to veal cheeks and rabbit. Don't hate until you try the veal cheeks at La Cuchara de San Telmo. The New York Times even raved about them.  

5. Paella!
So I realize this isn't the best picture-I was in a hurry to start chowing down, but wanted to grab a picture because it was just so pretty. I love veggie paella. Yum! 


Lauren said…
That looks like it would be a beautiful hike! Love that second picture - what a gorgeous view! :)
A Wedding Story said…
I studied abroad in Spain one year. The paella I did not enjoy, unfortunately. But it was a great experience and the country is beautiful!
birdie to be said…
What gorgeous pictures! Looks like such a fun time!
Annie said…
Your pictures from the Way of Saint James are beautiful! I'd love to travel that someday.

That paella looks delicious! I wish I could have tried some when I was in Spain last summer, but it all had shrimp and I'm allergic to seafood. I may have to try the veggie version if I ever get back there!
Looks like SO much fun! Adds to the unforgettableness of your time in Spain, I'm sure!! That paella looks amazing! I bet the paella in Spain is the best you'll ever have!!
Now that looks like an incredible trip!!!
Lauren said…
what beautiful views! your precious family is going to have some amazing memories from this summer!
I think candid pictures where everything isn't perfect are the best! :)
Becca said…
Love it when family comes to visit! Also love your blog and love learning more about your story. I got excited to think that you were actually living overseas (we're in Sicily), but D.C. is great too... we lived on Capitol Hill as newlyweds and LOVED it. :-) Enjoy the rest of your time in the Med!


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