San Sebastian, Spain

So, we're here living in San Sebastian and the last week has really felt like a dream. Z and I read a New York Times article that said, "To visit San Sebastian, on Spain's northern coast, is to fall in love." I have to agree. The old buildings are charming, the beach is beautiful, and the food is out of this world-apparently there are more Michelin-stars here than in Paris, so to say that we've had good food since getting here is an understatement.

We also really lucked out on our apartment as well. We are located one block from the old part of the city and 3 blocks from the beach. We have a cafe underneath us, a park a block away, and a daily farmer's market another block further. It's been really fun to walk around with Sawyer and explore the city while Z is away at class.

Another thing that I love about this last week-and this might get old as the summer wears on-but is how isolated we are from technology. We don't have a TV and we have free wireless, but only in 3 rooms of the house. Its been nice to take a break and walk around without the urge to check emails and the internet in general. For me, it can be a time suck and I was in need of a digital diet.

I have so much more I want to write about like getting Sawyer on a sleep schedule and about our adventures so far, but I'll save that for later. I'm sure you don't want to read a post that's a mile long. ha! So until then, here are some pictures from the last few days. Hope you enjoy 'em and have a great weekend!


Laurel said…
WOW! This place looks amazing! I look forward to seeing more pictures : )
Leslie said…
Hi Jess!

Wow, what an adventure this will be! No wireless and adapting to a slower pace..I think we can all use that. Such a gorgeous spot and I'm sure the food is amazing. We will look forward to more pictures. Enjoy your stay!

Caitlin C. said…
These pictures are awesome!!! SUCHA a fun adventure, I can't wait to hear more!!
amanda said…
beautiful! looks like you guys are having the time of your life! we think about you guys often and miss you! can't wait to read more!

eas said…
Love all these pictures! My girlfriends and I stayed there for five days during our month in Europe. We loved it so much we didn't want to leave.
birdie to be said…
I keep hearing about how fabulous this place is! I need to go!
Whitney said…
Beautiful! I'm super jealous of how brave you are with your little guy. I'm so anxious when I take Carter just to Walmart so trips and going out to eat make me go nuts! I wish I could be more laid back...I'm working on it!

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