Ixtapa, Mexico.

Hello, hello! 

I missed you guys! We were in Ixtapa, Mexico over the weekend and wow, was it beautiful! The water, scenery, weather--it was all just so magical. We went with 3 other couples and one incredibly sweet guy and had the time of our lives. We stayed up late playing games, woke up late for breakfasts and had a few dips in the pool. Sawyer even got to dip his feet in the water a little bit, but I wouldn't say he's a big fan of the beach quite yet. I'll work on that though. ;)


In the mornings, Z and I would be the first ones up --partly due to a baby who wakes up at 7 am--and we would walk around just the two of us. I snapped this picture the first morning when we had the place to ourselves.

Pool baby hanging out with Mom and dipping his little toes into the water for the first time.

 One day was spent at the beach and some of our friends found hermit crabs walking along in the sand. They were so tiny and cute!

The last night of the trip we had dinner at a cove. I loved the purple table setting and how it fit its background so perfectly. 

At night we would love a lot of fun games that kept us on our toes and up until all hours of the night.

Sadly, yesterday we had to kiss Ixtapa goodbye, but I can't wait to go back! It was a trip of a lifetime.


josie renee said…
OMG that looks like awesome fun! Good for you vacationing with the baby. How was the plane ride?! and where did sawyer sleep? Those are the two things stopping me from going on a much needed vacation.
love jenny xoxo said…
WOW it looks amazing there!!! I want a getaway now!! I've never heard of Ixtapa, was it nice and secluded?

And Sawyer is SOO cute!

{love jenny xoxo}
What an incredible trip! You're so lucky to be close enough to take a weekend trip to Mexico!
amanda said…
Aaa.a... that was so fun.. please lets do it again!
eliz said…
oooh wow that dinner view is amazing! What a great vacation place!

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