Christmas Eve 2012

We're BACK! 

After being gone for 2 weeks, we finally made it home late last night! And even though we had a blast back east, it really feels good to be back home and sleeping back in our own beds.  

Christmas Eve was really special this year. That morning, after standing in line for over 2 hours, Sawyer got to see Santa and sit on his lap! Even though, we were obviously excited for this photo-op, Sawyer was not. He slept through the entire thing. Oh well, next year! 

Afterwards, we went home to get ready for the Christmas Eve service at my parent's and Grandmother's church. 

 Heading to church on Christmas Eve.

Sawyer with the presents. 

Nana with her great-grandchild.

After a evening full of family, presents and homemade pizza (yup, thats how we roll on Christmas Eve!), we went home and slipped in our Christmas pajamas before calling it a night.  


Meg Cady said…
aw how sweet!! Hey, at least sleeping is better than screaming his head off :)

Happy 2013!
Caitlin C. said…
These are gorgeous pictures!! Merry Christmas, dear! And I LOVE how you styled your dress!! :)
What a darling family you three are! Happy New Year!
Claire said…
You look FANTASTIC, and he is as precious as ever! A sleeping baby is way better than a screaming baby with Santa right?! Glad y'all had a great trip!
BunBun said…
Looks like we both had the holiday on the brain today! What a sweet shot of your gorgeous family!!
Amanda said…
Love that first photo of you all :) I'd say that one is worthy of a frame! Glad to see you had a wonderful Christmas Eve!
Natalie said…
Awww he is so cute! Looks like you had a great Christmas!

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