Christmas Day 2012

Christmas day was fun! We started off with coffee--much needed since we were still on West Coast time--and presents. Sawyer wasn't interested in it at all this year, but he DID get some pretty fancy presents that I think he'll learn to love as the year goes on. 

Waking up bright and early on Christmas morn! 
Some of Sawyer's gifts! My favorite was the wooden rocking horse that our neighbor gifted to him. I think it will look perfect in his nursery. I also loved the personalized stocking that his CeCe--my Mom's name for herself-- got him for when he celebrates Christmas at her house.

 Obligatory family photo and yes, as corny and as silly as it is, Z and I are wearing matching pajamas and next year Sawyer will get some as well. Thankfully, I have a husband who will humor me and go along with this idea.

Christmas night we had my Aunts, Uncles, cousins and grandparents over for dinner and gift-giving. Catching up  and seeing everyone made me thankful to be moving back to the east coast. Family time is one thing not to be wasted. 


Dee Stephens said…
Love the family photo at the end with the dog in it! We tried for one but Buddy wouldn't cooperate.
Also, cracks me up that Z will wear those PJs.. Brad would NEVER! lol!
Jennie Pothoven said…
love the flannel plaid PJs! I was getting them every year for me and Michael until I was informed that he had run out of space in his pajama drawer and we had to take a year off... sad for christmas 2012! i'll have to make up for it in 2013 with reallllly cute ones :) miss you lady!
Leigh said…
I love the matching jammies! That will make such fun picture to look back at. And the rocking horse is BEAUTIFUL!
Claire said…
Love the Christmas jammies! I love classic baby presents too, like that lovely horse!

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