Holiday Tradition: Junior League Home Tour 2012

Last weekend, I went with 4 of my girlfriends to the Junior League Home Tour.  This is one of my favorite traditions--it becomes a tradition after 2 years, right?--and I loved being able to kick off the holiday season with this event. This year featured four homes that were beautifully decorated by local interior designers. Being a home and interior design junky, I loved gawking over all the decorations and getting a peek into how others decorate. 

House 1: 
Loved this little girls room and how they made it into a pink winter wonderland.

House 2: 
This house was out of control. Not only did the owner have a skinned zebra on his office floor, but he also had a full gym, gorgeous pool and kids house for their four kids. Yes, you read correctly, the kids had their own house to entertain guests. Insane. 

The couple had four kids and this is the house used to entertain their friends. There was a loft upstairs, a movie theater in one of the side rooms, a great pool table and a 50s style kitchen with a cute breakfast nook. I wish you could see how large these kids were living. 

View of the back house from the gym.

The next two pictures is the family's driveway. Great for large, fancy parties.

 House 3:
House #3 was very clean and modern. It boasted artwork that has been featured at MoMa, heated floors, and a beautiful pool.

Awesome and fun way to display kids artwork. I will be doing this when we have a house next year and  start to settle down. 

House 4:
House 4 was very much my speed. It was modern, but with a mix of Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel design. I love houses where I feel like I can cozy up on the couch or where my kids can spill something and it be completely okay.

The one funky element was how they set their formal dining room. Very futuristic and not what I would have picked, but to each their own.

I loved the white couch and fuschia pillows.

Great outdoor space where I could see myself drinking a cup of hot cocoa while watching the kids play outside.

Touring these homes with my girlfriends and seeing how everyone decorated for the holidays really put me in the holiday spirit. So much so, that we went to the Christmas tree lighting that night--props to my husband for standing in the rain--then came home to watch Holiday Inn.  Yay for holidays and the traditions that follow. 

And if you are interested and need some more decoration inspiration, you can see last years Junior League Home Tour Post here


Caitlin C. said…
Oh my goodness... these houses are insane! I can't get over the one with the house for the KIDS - that is like way nicer than my own house hahaha. What a great way to get in the Christmas spirit! I wish they did something like that around me :)
Dee Stephens said…
Love the pink tree is the little girl's room. My Mom really wanted to do this in Shelby's room but Brad is against it and I decided this year I"m not willing to fight the battle.
Next year, he better move over buddy!!
Looks like it was a lot of fun! I love seeing people's homes and how they decorate. Of course the homes in Menlo Park/ Atherton are out of this world beautiful and huge!
erica said…
Wow! These houses are amazing! I wish something like this was around me - really gets you into the holiday spirit. xx

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