Short Trip to Pasadena

This past Monday, Z and I drove down to Pasadena for 48 hours. We decided to journey down because for the last 3 weeks, Z has been on the road traveling and we needed that 7+ hours of alone time that the car provided us and we also wanted to visit our friends who recently moved to the area. 

Here's a snapshot of what we did during our short little trip: 

Our friends just had a baby in August, so Sawyer got to meet his new friend and playmate. 

The next day, we drove around Los Angeles and checked out some sites. We shopped at the Grove, saw Mario Lopez and then took some strolls around Rodeo and Palm Drive. 

Then before heading home, we drove to West Hollywood to check out the new Dash store, which was nice, but extremely overpriced.

On the way back to Palo Alto, we made lots of pit-stops along the way and Sawyer was a smiley champ through it all.

It was such a great and short whirlwind of a trip, but totally worth it. Z and I got to check out Pasadena, hang out with old friends, and most importantly have much needed catch up time in the car ride up and back. 

What did you do this week? Any short trips or adventures? 


Courtney B said…
What a GREAT little trip! So happy you guys took advantage of being able to spend some time together!
Kristin said…
That sounds like perfection! We didn't get a trip in this weekend, but 4 days off was just what we needed :)
Dee Stephens said…
I've been to the original DASH store and I agree. Totally OVERPRICED! Redic!
The only reason people would pay those prices are b/c they want to say they bought something in there.
Cheap quality too!
Lauren said…
what a fun roadtrip! & so glad that Mr. Sawyer did so well!
Caitlin C. said…
Aww, what a fun trip!! Short road trips are the best! And so glad Sawyer was on good behavior the whole time :) He is seriously such a cutie!!
Baby Mama said…
Is that an argyle onesie?? I think I need that! :)

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