William Sawyer-A Birth Story

I've finally gotten around to writing Sawyer's birth story. To be honest, I didn't know where to start or if my story would even be worth reading since it was a c-section and I couldn't fill you in on the grueling hours of labor and how I finally pushed out this little bundle of joy. However, I realized just because my birth story isn't like everyone else's that doesn't mean it wasn't just as special or beautiful or something that other c-section Momma's couldn't relate to.

My surgery was scheduled for 1:30 pm. That morning, I was full of nerves. I was still grieving the loss of experiencing a vaginal delivery and I was so nervous to be cut open. I feared the worst. To keep busy, I ran some last minute errands and tidied up the house before heading to the hospital around 11:30 am.

Z met at the hospital and we were immediately scrubbed in. I was hooked up to an IV, given my medications, and also hooked up to a monitor to watch the baby's heart rate. I also reminded the doctors and nurses that I wanted a natural c-section (also referred to as a gentle c-section, which is where the baby would immediately be placed on my chest after exiting the womb. This is different than most c-sections where they take the baby immediately to check its vital signs, get washed up, and complete his APGAR scores.) Everyone was on the same page and that made me feel better as they wheeled me in.

 I had never been in an operating room before and I don't know why it shocked me so much to see this spotless and sterile environment. I was immediately asked to sit up and place my feet on Z's legs to steady me. We talked while the nurse told me she was about to give me my spinal and this would be the most painful part of the surgery, so I clenched up and prepared myself. After a quick sharp pain that felt more like a bee sting than anything else, I was forced to lay down on the table to prep.

After that, the doctors came in, I immediately turned to Z and we started talking. I thought I would feel some pain, so in the back of my mind I was preparing myself for the worst. To help distract me, Z and I talked about how much we loved each other and life-changing experience that would now bond us forever--parenthood.

As we talked, I kept waiting for pain, but there wasn't any, so I figured they were still prepping me. However, a nurse said, "Okay, we're halfway done!" Z and I were astonished! I had no pain and immediately after thinking that, a baby cried and placed on my chest.

Once we made our first skin-to-skin contact, Sawyer stopped crying and settled down. Z said, "Look, he already knows his Mommy." This moment was so overwhelmingly beautiful.  Z and I started crying and I immediately felt whole inside.

After the first 5 minutes of holding my little one, I told Z to go with him to get him cleaned off and his APGAR score completed.

While Z went to the other side of the room, I immediately had pain. Apparently when the doctors are checking out your uterus before they sew you up, you can get referral pain in your shoulders and man, did I feel it. I felt like someone was breaking my shoulders and pulling them apart. I immediately cried out to Z and he came over to rub my shoulders which really alleviated a lot of the pain.

About 10 minutes later, the pain was gone, my baby was cleaned, and I was back to blissfully holding my baby.

After that, the pain was manageable and honestly, I felt great. I was wheeled back to a recovery room and on our way there, Z snapped our first family photo.

The rest of the night was spent, snapping pictures and enjoying quiet moments of being a little family before we were bombarded with guests, updating relatives or asked to pick a name. These were the moments I will never forget.

William Sawyer: A Birth Story-Part 2: The Recovery


Lauren said…
you look so great! and this birth story is just as important as any vaginal delivery!

I ended up with an emergency c-section & I would have much rather just known beforehand that I was going to need a c-section...however, I ended up with a beautiful healthy baby in the end & that's all that matters!
Erin said…
Loved reading this!! You look great!!
I remember the shoulder pain, I was like WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?!

Can't wait to hear the rest!
SO sweet that he was placed on your chest right away and stopped crying. Totally made me tear up!! So glad you had a positive experience! He's such a beautiful baby.
Courtney said…
Beautiful baby and beautiful story!
katie ridings said…
I defiantely applaud you for having a c section the whole time I was screaming through labor I kept telling he nurses please dont make me have a c section im begging you lol. one nurse even threatend it because i wasn't pushing hard enough!!
agalandherdog said…
Your birth story is just as important as anyone else's! I loved reading this.
Katie said…
what a beautiful family:).congratulations!
Totally made me tear up :) Just as sweet as any other birth story. Loved that you had the option to have the natural c-section. I'll have to remember that and make sure to ask about it if need be. Congrats again to your sweet little family of 3 :)
Kristin said…
So glad that everything went better than you expected!! He is such a beautiful boy!
Charlotte said…
Thank you for sharing. Everyone's experience is different and it's so important that we all share the way our little miracles entered our arms. Beautiful.

Such a sweet birth story. And just as important as a vaginal delivery!
So sweet! I loved reading your birth story. It doesn't matter how you deliver - having a c-section doesn't make it any less special! Everybody has a different story, no matter how they deliver, so there is no reason to feel like doing it a different way makes it not as sweet. In the end, you were blessed with a beautiful baby boy, and that's what matters! Can't wait to read the next part! :)

Let me know when you have the pictures and I'll start designing Sawyers Save The Dates.

Amy K said…
so cute! Great Blog! Would you like to follow each other?

Much Love,

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