William Sawyer: A Birth Story-Part 2

After getting into my hospital room that night, I felt like I was on cloud nine. My pain was non-existent and I wasn't tired or loopy from the medications. Since I was feeling so good, I decided to hurry up the process. By that I mean 12 hours before I had a csection, I was told I couldn't eat or drink anything and then after the surgery I could only have clear liquids until I passed gas. The reason for this is due to my spinal block, which put my bladder and bowels to sleep. To guarantee after surgery everything was getting back to normal and waking up, I had to pass gas or have a bowl movement before I could devour anything. Since I felt great; however,  I ordered lots of juices and broths to jump start my system. The only thing wrong with this is that the sugar from the drinks interfered with my spinal block and caused me to be very nauseous. This led me to throw up for about 10 minutes, which was the worst part of my recovery because I just hate throwing up or feeling the slightest bit nauseous.

After that everything was smooth sailing. Z stayed in a fold out bed in the hospital and got up with me at night to talk with me while I fed Sawyer. My Mom came during the days to keep me company or watch little man while Z and I took naps during the day. She was also nice enough to leave for a few hours every day so Z and I could have alone time and enjoy being a new little family of 3.

I wanted to have our hospital room and stay be very calm, relaxing and stress-free, so I didn't have a lot visitors or guests. Not that I didn't appreciate or want to see my friends, but I just wanted to enjoy every moment with just Z and our little one for the first 2 days. 

After 2 days, we slowly invited a few friends and family into our little hospital home. We were so grateful for those that did come. They came bearing food and little outfits for Sawyer and it was so nice to finally introduce him to some of our closest friends.

And with the doctor's permission, we had a champagne toast and Sawyer toasted with his bottle.

Then after 4 days, we left our little room and the great staff to go home to start this new chapter and lemme tell ya, it's been a crazy and fantastic whirlwind since then.

I do want to end this story by saying I was so terrified to have a c-section. So much so that the week leading up to it I would just break down and cry. I had never heard anything good about c-sections and was nervous about the recovery. That I wouldn't be able to participate and help out with my baby, but that couldn't be farther from my experience. I was up and walking the day after my surgery and felt back to normal quicker than a lot of the Moms that had vaginal deliveries. I know that everyone is different, but I think my one piece of advice for any Mom that has to have a scheduled c-section is that it's really not that bad and sometimes, like in my case, you'll recover faster than Moms who have had vaginal.

But no matter how you deliver or what your story is or will be, it'll be beautiful, special, and one that  ends with the most beautiful ending-your little one.


oh my gosh. he is just so, so precious. you look FANTASTIC by the way!
Tammy said…
What a beautiful story! And your boy is just precious. I wish there wasn't such a negative rap associated with c-sections. I've had 2 now and wouldn't have it any other way. Quite frankly, a vaginal birth scares the day lights out of me!!
Dee Stephens said…
I'm so glad you posted your birth and recovery story.
We go back in Wednesday and if Shelby is still breached we have to have a c-section. I'm not scared but it's nice to hear from people like you who are honest and not trying to freak you out!
You look great and Sawyer is precious :)
What!? You do not look like you just gave birth what so ever. Looking great mama!
LacyLouise said…
YAY! So so happy for you! Im back in the blogger world and your little man is so sweet:) xo mama
Annie said…
You make it all sound so easy! I need to read this in a few years ha! You seriously had a child 4 days before the last picture in this post? OMG girl! You look fabulous!
I think you're right, c-sections seem much easier than a vaginal deliver.

I went through labor for a while without any pain meds and then pushed for 3 hours and finally had a c-section. Honestly it would have been a much simpler experience if I had just had the c-section.

With our next baby I'll just schedule a c-section!

You look amazing by the way!
Jamie said…
You look gorgeous in that photo. And little Sawyer is so sweet - I'm so glad you had a good experience as that's all you'll want to remember: the good things!
Lauren said…
he's so precious! glad you were able to have some family time in the hospital...so important!
Rinoplasti said…
wow this is very cool i like climate change and study for a long time wow this is exactly what i mean and what i looking for im so grateful thanksRinoplasti
Caitlin C. said…
I'm so glad I finally got to hear this story!! Sawyer is seriously the cutest baby I think I have EVER seen and that last picture of your family is seriously stunning. How do you look so flawless after just giving birth?! I'm so glad it was a quick recovery for you!
glad to hear everything went well and now you have the most beautiful baby boy!
genevieve said…
I just found your blog, and I am so appreciative of your birth story, as I'm 19 weeks pregnant with a sweet little boy. It's so nice to read you had a wonderful birth experience, and I love that you made sure to have family time rather than overdose on visitors during those first few (and precious) days. Very inspiring! And your son is just as handsome as can be. How blessed you are :)
remiread said…
Congrats! I just had my baby boy on September 10th via c section also. After being so onervous and upset about needing the c section, things were great. Your boyis adorable. Enjoy every moment.

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