First Anniversary-Paper Gift.

Z and I celebrated our first anniversary yesterday and wow, what a year it has been!  It involved a year of both of us starting grad school, us traveling to Thailand for our honeymoon, and then experiencing this blessed roller coaster of having a baby. It definitely gave us a lot to talk about over dinner last night as we reflected over year. During dinner, we also shared what our favorite moments were, what our least favorites were and what our wishes were for the next year. It was really nice to reflect and hear which memories we cherished and ones that we didn't necessarily like, but were thankful for because it ultimately made us closer.

Traditionally, the first wedding gift you give each other is paper and I wanted to share with you one of our gifts- a vintage paper map that will represent all the places that we go and live together as a couple and family.

The yellow push pins represent the places that we have lived together as a couple.

The red push pins represent the places that we've traveled together as a couple. We thought about including the places that we've been separately, but decided not to. This would be a map that would categorize our travels as a couple and now as a family.

And our last paper gift was for the little man. He received one of my favorite childhood books that we can't wait to read with him and as he grows older show him the map of all the places we've gone.

Tonight, our actual anniversary, I'm making our wedding cake--red velvet with cream cheese frosting--to cut into and eat since we won't be able to enjoy the original since its back in Virginia. We will also be watching our wedding video together.  I'm hoping that will become a tradition as the years go on as well. Gotta start these traditions early!


Stephanie said…
Love this idea! It will grow with you guys over the years and have such special meaning!
Annie said…
This is the cutest idea! Love the map and book for your baby!!! Happy Anniversary you two!
agalandherdog said…
Oh, wow! You have had a busy year. Happy anniversary!
Dee Stephens said…
That map is a really great idea. Perfect for an office too.
Yay on one year!
katie ridings said…
GREAT IDEA!! Very cute.
Claire said…
That's such a cute idea! I have a weird obsessions with maps- I love them! I cannot wait for these married anniversaries!
This is gorgeous! And such a wonderful way to keep track of all of the places you travel and want to travel to in the future. Happy belated anniversary!

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