Five Things.

1. Strawberry Cake 

Loved finding this recipe on Lady Behind the Curtain. The cake was easy to make, moist and perfect for a summer BBQ. You can find the recipe here

2. Wedding & Reception Album Complete

I finally finished our wedding and reception album just one month shy of our first anniversary. That's good, right?

I decided to design and make my own because wedding albums are beyond expensive and I wanted to be able to control which pictures went into the book and the quality of the paper. I also wanted to add special captions and little mementos under pictures that photographers just wouldn't know to add. 

I ended up making two books: one that dealt with the wedding ceremony and the other with the reception.  I used Blurb and highly recommend it. It was easy, the books were high quality, and the price wasn't too bad. 

3. MWF Seeking BFF

I couldn't put this book down. It is about author and fellow blogger, Rachel Bertsche in her yearlong search for a best friend after moving to a new city. I could relate to every awkward girl-date that she went on, the girl crushes you get when you and someone just click and how hard it is to find girlfriends after you move to a new city. I think this is the best book I've read this summer and I highly recommend it to any girl in their 20s. 

PS-You can find her blog here

4. Organization
I can't believe it's only 2 more weeks until my summer vacation is over and work begins all over again. Really trying to utilize these last few days to organize and de-clutter. If anyone has any tips or hints, I'm all ears!

I've had a hard week. I'll talk more about it next week, but it's been one full of highs and lows and full of a lot of hard decisions. I came across this quote on Pinterest and it really helped me get things into perspective-that and an ice cream date with husband-but I decided to share it in case any of you are wrestling with difficult decisions this week and are searching for a little guidance. I hope this helps you change your thinking as it did mine. 


Lauren said…
Hope things are going ok Jess!
Caitlin C. said…
Mmm that strawberry cake looks delicious! And I'm so sorry you've had a rough week. Sometimes we need rough times in order to be thankful for the good times. But I hope you're doing okay!
Leslie said…
I want to go home and make that cake tonight! YUMM!!!
And love your wedding album!! I made my own also. I just could not justify spending $700 on a book made by my photographer. I used Costco's photo dept and it turned out awesome and only $50! Plus I ordered copies of the book for each of our parents and gave them to them for Christmas gifts last year :)
Pris said…
Good for you for getting your album done-- we are well past our first anniversary and still no album! Also, I added that book to my Amazon Wish List! Can't wait to read it!
Frances said…
Yum on the cake! Good job getting the books done! I used Blurb for our Rehearsal dinner book and I loved it!
eliz said…
Ooohh I really need to make a wedding album...eventually...thanks for the site recommendation. :-)

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