Babymoon Recap-Lake Tahoe

Our babymoon was so much fun and so relaxing as well. We stayed at a quaint little B&B and did anything and everything that we wanted to do. Here are some of the things that we did..

*Z hates this picture, but I love it. I told him to get excited about entering Nevada so that's the face he came up with. 

I also had my first prenatal massage, which was amazing and Z worked on this golf game by hitting balls at a local resort, so a little something for everyone. 

After this vacation, I truly believe in the whole concept of a babymoon. It was so nice to be able to get away and have one last "us" adventure before we become a family of 3. And guys, if you've never been to Lake Tahoe-go! Even though its not exotic or off in another country, its still ridiculously beautiful, romantic and quaint. I had to keep reminding myself the whole time that yes, we were still in the US and yes, this little piece of heaven is only 4 hours away from our home. All in all, I definitely recommend that you go or at least think about adding it to your ol' Travel Bucket List-its that good. 

PS-Thanks to Natasha for all the recommendations. Bite is now my new favorite restaurant. :)


Lauren said…
Sounds like you had such a good time! I love your second and third photos the best! I would LOVE to be at the beach right now! :) I've never been to Lake Tahoe but it looks absolutely beautiful! And is that snow in the first picture? Thats awesome that you can go from winter to summer in the same area! How fun! (I'd probably stick with the warmth and sun though! Ha!)
Dee Stephens said…
Tahoe.. amazing. That would be the #1 place on my list to live if I had the money.
Tahoe City to be exact..or Incline Village.
One of my best friends got married there almost this time 3 years ago.
BunBun said…
You two are adorable. Glad you got in some much needed R&R!! =) Enjoyed living vicariously through your pictures!
Awww so glad you had fun!! I LOVE fact, now you have me craving it all over again! ;) Great photos!!
Courtney B said…
GORGEOUS pictures! (And you look amazing, by the way!) I have always wanted to go to Tahoe! Maybe I'll have to copy you and make this our babymoon :) So glad you guys had a great time!
Brittany said…
Sounds like such an amazing time, you are absolutley beautiful and glowing!
Lauren said…
how fun, we've never been to Lake Tahoe...but it's definitely on my "to visit someday" list!
Leslie said…
I want to go to Lake Tahoe so bad!! Especially during the Summer! Looks like yall had a great trip!! :)
Anonymous said…
So FUN!!! Please post any and all ridiculous pictures of Zach!
Looks beautiful and you two look so happy!

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