Seattle's Best.

Hello, Hello!

How was everyone's weekend? Ours was pretty spectacular. We went to Seattle this weekend to check on our house and most importantly, spend time with one of Z's best friends and his wife. We checked out the sites like: 
Visiting the original Starbucks, seeing the Space Needle.....

Going to the Public Market Center to watch them throw fish...(I had random throwbacks to Real World: Seattle when I went there)

And walk around pretty parks that are scattered throughout the city. 

However, the most wonderful part of our trip was hanging out with friends. We've been pretty spoiled these last two weekends by seeing old friends and each encounter has helped us so much.  Last weekend, it was just so good to see and enjoy an old friend. This weekend, J and S reminded us that its okay to get out of the rat race. 

I'm sure I'm not alone in this feeling and that other people experience this in other parts of the country and world, but sometimes I think its hard living in Palo Alto-everyone is always doing something incredible and always so busy. It makes Z and I feel like, in order to be productive or a part of a community, we need to always be doing something every night and have our weekends filled to the brim with activities.  Z and I never used to be like that in DC, so it's been a hard adjustment period that I'm not sure that I've ever been comfortable with. But J & S showed us that it's okay to not be always going and how nice it is to just hang out with your husband every night after work. They have a little routine that we got a sneak peek at and decided that we wanted it as our own. For instance, every weekend they cook big breakfasts together and then decide what they'll get into after that-so sweet, nice and relaxing. Z and I both left this trip with a goal of making a few changes in our lifestyle choices, which will include a lot more hanging out, riding bikes, and stepping back. 

Thanks again J & S! We can't wait to see you again soon!


TaraR said…
What a wonderful trip! I'm jealous you've visited the first ever "Sbux", I'll need to add that to my must-see list :)

Have a lovely week!
Valerie Griffin said…
Sounds so fun! I've always wanted to go to Seattle!

Glad you had a great weekend with some wonderful friends :)
Claire said…
This sounds wonderful, and I love the idea of your friends' routine! I would go to Seattle if only to visit the very first Starbucks- how fun! Y'all will get used to the lifestyle! A move is always exciting :)
Amanda said…
Glad you had a wonderful weekend seeing friends! I get to see my best girl friend this weekend (and she's finally meeting M), so I'm super excited!!! :) Happy Monday, Jess!
Dee Stephens said…
We do a lot of at home cooking and chilling too.
But, we try and get with friends or something at least once during a weekend. Not always though.
I've become a homebody :)
Love Seattle and your pictures!
Annie said…
That sounds like the perfect trip and what sweet friends you all have! I always like reading about these types of things on blogs....because I feel like we're in the same boat.
elvi said…
Ahhhh you visited the first starbucks...*sigh* I am going to put that on my bucket list hahaha
Miss Lindsay said…
What a great trip!! I love that pic of you two.
Lyndsy said…
Glad you had a nice visit to Seattle!

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