Junior League Home Tour

So this weekend wasn't all about self-reflection and dealing with deeper issues; it was also about fun girl time  and celebrating the Christmas season by touring beautifully decorated homes. 

 Saturday, three of my girlfriends and I dressed up and went on the Finishing Touches tour that was hosted by my chapter's Junior League. We toured four homes in the Atherton area that were just to die for. Each one was completely different and decorated to fit each homeowner's individual tastes. I think my favorite was #1, which looked like it came out of the Pottery Barn catalogue. 

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the homes. Hopefully they will give you some ideas and inspiration as you spruce up your homes this holiday season. 

Home #1
It was like walking into a Pottery Barn catalogue. It was clean, crisp and young. 
{The Living Room}
I loved the green and white look. 

{The Kids Table}

{The Hot Cocoa Bar}
This would be perfect for any holiday or winter party. 

Home #2 

Home #3:
I didn't take any pictures because the home's theme was all about having the right feng shui so we couldn't take pictures. 

Home #4:
{Entry Way}
You can't really see it but the floors were designed after Thomas Jefferson's home in Monticello. 

{Informal Dining Room}


 {Informal Living Room}
I loved this room. It was so warm, cozy and traditional. Plus, the back of the doors were Christmas cards that the family had gotten. The door on the left were cards from 2010 and the door on the right are from 2009. 

 {Formal Dining Room}
Love the classic blue and white. Plus, you can't see this detail, but each place setting has a cookie with the person's name on it. Delicious way to figure out where you are sitting at a dinner party. 


Lauren said…
Oh my goodness, I love the fireplace in home #4. I've never been to Monticello, but Brian has and he says it's pretty awesome there.

And I love home #2 Christmas tree, and windows. SO beautiful!

And the hot cocoa bar is such a great idea.

Thanks for showing us these pictures! I definitely got some inspiration for next year!


These homes are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
Dee Stephens said…
I've seen the hot cocoa bar before. I love the greenery in the chandelier! I might try that for my part this weekend!! Also, the cards are good idea but I think Brad would not go for it. I think he would think it's too cluttered!
Miss Amy said…
WOW - the owners (ok, the women only I'm sure!) of these homes have impeccable taste! Love their decor. I wonder how many ideas came from pinterest? ;)
Amanda said…
I definitely like home one the best too! And some of the rooms in home four! I don't get why you couldn't take pictures in the feng shui home...that makes no sense!
LOVE it all! christmas decorations is one of the best thing aboutu christmas!
Paula said…
That´s one lovely decorated house!


I love home tours! looks like so much fun!
Ooo this is awesome! I'll take the hot cocoa bar any day :)
ChinkyGirLMeL said…
I love that photo of the Kids Table and the Hot Cocoa bar! That Hot Cocoa Bar looks sooooooooo good.
katherinebee said…
Love the pictures! I just volunteered for my JL home tour last week - it was really fun!
Kate said…
That is so much fun! I love looking at other people's holiday decor.
The tour looks like so much fun! I love the hot cocoa bar idea!

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