Wedding Wednesday-All in the details (Part 2)

To finish up my wedding post from last week (see here), here are the last of my favorite wedding details:

Flowers in my hair. 
Light pink to match my bridesmaids.

A kiss before the ceremony
Z and I didn't want to see each other before I walked down the aisle, but we wanted to tell each other, "See you soon!" and give a short kiss before our big walk to becoming a family. To do this, we exchanged a few words from across the door. 

My veil. 
It was one of my favorite things because I made it. When it came to my veil, I knew I wanted two things: for it to be long and to incorporate my Mom's into it. I did both. My friend's Mom bought tulle and the hairpin from Michaels. After sewing it together, we cut the top lace layer from my Mom's veil. Then we sewed all that into the hairpin. It was perfect and my nostalgic something borrowed. 

 Our sweet ride-Rolls Royce. 
We borrowed my parent's friend's Rolls Royce that came with our own driver and a bottle of Grey Poupon. 

Mini Ham Biscuits with Apple Butter. 
Out of all our appetizers, these were my favorite. I think I had about ten. Yum!

Seasonal Beer made from the South. 
My favorite detail though were beers were placed in a old fashioned tub. I loved that! 

 Bridesmaids/Groomsmen being introduced. 
I made everyone in the wedding party work with their partner to come up with a little dance that they would perform when they were being introduced. I loved watching what everyone came up with. However, these are a few of my favorites.
(BTW-they were dancing to Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga)

 West Point Fight Song. 
The West Point boys circled around us and sang the fight song. It was really funny and one of our favorite memories.

Our wedding planner passed out sparkles and had guests form a long line that led to our car. It was so fun to run through the sparkling lights and make our way to our car. 

What have been your favorite details at past weddings?! Do you think the details really matter?


Lauren said…
love how you guys "saw" each other before the ceremony! so sweet!
awwww love the picture you two seeing each other before the ceremony and of you running in flip flops!
Annie said…
I loveeee that picture of yall saying hi through the door. I'm totally asking our photographer for the same thing. So cute!
Love the picture of you guys kissing through the door! Very cute, and your hair was beautiful!
Dee Stephens said…
I've seen the door thing done before! So cute!
I love the dance part the best!
LindsayNicole said…
Just came across your blog and love it! Love all the wedding photos. Look forward to following!

Lauren said…

These details are beautiful! I love seeing more wedding pictures each time you post them!


Siri Natalia said…
I love this! So beautiful and the picture of you guys kissing from both sides of the door is a"door"able. Yeah I'm that cheesy! :)
Sarah said…
The picture of you two kissing through the door is ADORABLE! I love, love, love that idea. I also love that you made your veil & incorporated your mom's into it! Beautiful!
KarĂ­ said…
Beautiful Pictures! congrats!!!

You look gorgeous! I love all of the small details like the incorporating your mom's veil and the bridesmaids dancing!
alicia said…
these photos are so beautiful - thank you for sharing!

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