Wedding Wednesday-All in the details (Part 1)

Today I am reliving my wedding through our pictures and wedding video. I wanted to  share some of my favorite things that really pulled my idea of a "shabby chic southern" wedding together. I have so many fun details that I loved, so bear with me that this post will come in two parts. 

 Our reception was off the beaten path, so Z and I made two signs that directed people where to go. They also went with our old time country feel. 

For my guest book, I wanted something that I could hang up and display and this fit the bill. I love that it turned into a little piece of art that we are now hanging in our house. 

One of the ways our caterer actually SAVED us money is by having a signature cocktail instead of a full bar. Don't get me wrong, we also served red and white wines and beer, but just not liquor. To rectify this we made our own special wedding drink that had some hard liquor in it for people that wanted it. Plus, this is our favorite drink as a couple and we wanted to share it with people. 

All guests drank out of a mason jar unless you were having wine then there were wine glasses available. We also had straws that went with the glasses because I think mason jars are hard to drink from sometimes. 

This was Z's only request-A Missing Man & Honors Ceremony. At the time of our wedding, three of Z's best friends (and supposed to be groomsmen) were serving in Afghanistan and couldn't attend. Aside from that, in October 2009, Z lost one of his soldiers in combat. He refers to that day as "the worst day in his life." Since coming home, Z was constantly checked in with this soldier's family and even invited them to the wedding. However, they weren't able to make it due to work and financial obligations. 

The table is round -- To show our everlasting concern for these men and women
The tablecloth is white -- Symbolizing their pure motives when called to serve
The rose -- Symbolizes the ones we lost and the ones who couldn't be here tonight
A slice of lemon -- To remind us of the bitter fate of those missing and captured. 
A pinch of salt -- Symbolizes the tears of the families whose soldiers are missing and/or couldn't be here tonight
The Bible -- Represents the strength through faith 
The glass inverted --Symbolizes their inability to be here to share with us in this evening
The Chairs -- To symbolize that they were and are not forgotten. 

We then stood up and said a prayer for all those serving in our US military. 

 I wanted to have a string of lights hanging from the tent, so ta da there they are! We also had 2 buffet lines, a cheese station, and fruit table set up as well. We didn't do a sit down meal because I wanted people to feel free to get seconds or thirds if they wanted. 

This was my Dad's favorite gift. I gave it to him before we walked down the aisle. He is now going to frame it with a picture of us walking down the aisle underneath it. 

We had a S'MORE-MAKING station. We had a campfire, fire attendant (for the little kids), and individualized s'more-making bags. It gave people a chance to sit down, stare at a fire and just relax. Plus, who doesn't have fun making s'mores on a farm in the fall?  


Lauren said…
love the details...and that table for Z's fellow soldiers is beautiful.
Amanda said…
Can we rewind to before you were married so that I could have come to your wedding? Thanks :)

This is like one of those picture perfect weddings! I love it! And I love the idea of a signature cocktail... One day I hope to plan a wedding as beautiful as this one!
Beautiful details! I love the gift you gave your dad, so sweet! I also love your guest book such a neat idea that I have never seen before! Happy Thanksgiving!
Emily said…

The gift you gave your daddy brought tears to my eyes. That is something I want to do--mostly because my daddy and I take lots of walks together.

I'm obsessed with the S'more Station, the signature cocktail, the prayer for those serving our country...okay, basically everything you shared :)

Happy Hump Day. oxo
Jessica said…
Oh my gosh, I love all the little details!! Everything looks so nice and pretty!! :)

I love that you and your husband's names are Jess and Zach, and my and my boyfriend's (future husband, someday) names are Jess and Zach!! :)

Have a great Thanksgiving!
Annie said…
This whole post has me so teared up!!!! Honoring and remembering his military tradition is so great.

The hankerchief is precious and I saw one of my other friends had done something similar. I'm going to have to do one of these for my Dad....he'll melt and probably cry (only ever seen him cry once before - when I graduated with an engineering degree).

You had so many special parts to your hearing about them!
Courtney said…
I don't even know where to start with this post! That note to your father made me tear up, what a great idea for fathers of the bride! And the table for the military men? Such a beautiful idea and tribute!
how lovely!! what a sweet gift to your dad. i'm sure he will treasure that for a long time :)

happy thanksgiving!
Rebecca said…
so beautiful! love the tree idea
Lauren said…

The details of you wedding we absolutely beautiful.

I love the gift you gave your dad. It's so sweet. And doing a "guest book" that you can hang up is such a great idea- I might steal that one! ;) Ha!

I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

Fash Boulevard said…
love the mason jar idea. so totally cute. your blog always makes me happy. stop by sometime. xo
beautiful details! love the s'mores station-what a great idea!
Anna H said…
I love the lights in the tent - so beautiful!
i absolutely love your photos, and your blog is so cute! love the fantastic banner (still working on mine). totally had fun browsing, and i am your new follower. hoping we can stay connected. cheers!

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