Wedding Party

Happy Monday!

Last week, our friends threw us a wedding celebration party. Z and I got married in September and flew back the next day so he could start school. Kinda a bummer, right? So our new California friends threw us a party to celebrate our wedding and new marriage. 

I didn't get to snap a lot of pictures, but we had about 3-4 couples come and each couple brought a dessert. And our friend, M made a CONGRATULATIONS sign out of fabric. Very pinteresting of her. 

The hosts
Some of the boys

My favorite gift of the evening was the One Line A Day book from our friend, ML and its quickly becoming one of my favorite wedding gifts. 

Its a 5 year journal and each day you write one sentence about your day, what you've learned, or something you're thankful for. It's absolutely genius and we keep it on our coffee table, so its easy to remember.  Z and I have been taking turns writing a sentence and I can't wait to read through it in 5 years and see how far we've come. 

Seriously the best gift if you guys are going to a wedding in the near future. 


That is a neat and very thoughtful gift! Sounds like you had a great weekend! Hope your week is off to a good start!
Lauren said…
Sounds like you had so much fun! Love teh congratulations sign, it's so cute. I've gone a few times to look on pinterest but I don't know if I want to sign up for it or not. I'm already signed up for way to many websites! Haha.

And the One Line a Day book is such a great idea! I wish I knew about that when my friend got married a few weeks ago!

Have a great day!
Emily said…
Love that gift. I think I found my new go-to for friend gifts!!! Glad you had a wonderful time at the shower. oxo
such a thoughtful gift! love the congrats sign-too cute!
Lauren said…
how nice of them to throw you a party! and I love that banner made from shabby chic!
I got that journal for myself and one for a friend for their birthday! They also have a pink one for moms! Sadly I have some catching up to do in it!
Oh wow! I think that is an awesome idea for a gift! HOW COOL! I need to convince my husband to do it with me! And congrats on getting married! When we got married, we started school RIGHT after, which sucks, so yeah...haha. :)
Siri Natalia said…
Aww that is truly a great wedding gift idea! My husband and I share a family journal and so we remind each other to write in it. It is going to be a treasure someday for sure! :) By the way, I am your newest blog follower! I would love to be blog friends with you! I am over at

Blogger Love,
Siri said…
awww that so soo cute...dinner parties are so much fun! What great friends you have!
Megan said…
That's so sweet of them! I love the idea of writing something down. I need to go buy that!!
Caitlin C. said…
What a great gift! It's really a wonderful idea. I'll have to keep this in mind :)
I didn't get to the bacon... too many fried things in one place! I think I need to visit another time to get more fried goodness in haha.. I love the idea of a five year journal!! how neat!
Ashlyn said…
sounds like you had a blast!
& that gift is such a cute idea. i will def have to check it out!

hope you are having a great week so far!

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