This News Story Made My Morning.

And who said that love stories like The Notebook don't exist? Here's proof that they do. 



Claire said…
I saw this on Facebook too! It's soooo The Notebook!
Oh my goodness! What a sweet story! I love it. My favorite part is, "That's because you're old school, like me!" Thanks for sharing!! I seriously love this!! Probably going to make a blog post to send people here!!
I saw this on the news this morning! It is the real life notebook!
Andrea Grace said…
thank you for your comment and following!! I also saw this story this morning, such a wonderful love story!
Caitlin C. said…
Oh my goodness... this is the cutest story I've ever heard.. the Notebook is true life! Thanks for posting :)
This is the *SWEETEST* story ever...doesn't it just give you a renewed hope in the world and LOVE??? You just brightened my weekend (c:

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