Wedding Wednesday: Getting Ready for the Rehearsal

Happy Wedding Wednesday! 

Today I'm remembering the afternoon before our rehearsal dinner started. It was the day all of my girlfriends got into town and the evening when all the wedding festivities really began. 

The afternoon, I had a hair appointment. I wanted something simple and fun for the rehearsal dinner. A couple of my bridesmaids told me to be "sassy" and "fun" since the wedding day was all about "elegance" and "romance". So I did and this the hair style I ended up with. 

After that all my bridesmaids met me at the salon and I treated them to manicures. I didn't care what color they picked. My only requirement was that it had to be light or soft shade, so we had a lot of french manicures, light purples, greys and pinks. 

After the salon, my bridesmaids all went to their hotels to get ready for the big rehearsal. A and Christine came with me however to get ready at my house. I'm so glad they were there to get ready with me.

All dressed up and ready to go with my Mom. 


Dee Stephens said…
You look gorgeous! So fun!
I love the hair and your dress! You look beautiful!
Stephanie said…
You look so beautiful!
Claire said…
You look gorgeous! Mani pedis look like so much fun with bridesmaids yay! And I LOOOVE your hair esp the braid. Further proof that I'm keeping my hair long for my (eventual) wedding day!

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