Out of Town Gift Bags

Happy Tuesday, ya'll! 

Today I'm diving into our Out of Town gift bags. My bags had a Virginia theme and my wedding's theme was Southern comfort, so I tried to merge both of these ideas into our little bags. 

To match the country chic theme, I got brown paper bags from a small party store in Roanoke called Captain Party. They were pretty cheap and looked really great once they were all set up on my parent's dining room table. 

Then we went to Michaels and got 12 sheets of brown construction paper and cut out little luggage tags that said, "Welcome to Our Wedding. Love, Jess and Z" We then hole punched the top and tied blue straw through them-also bought at Michaels.

Then, we stuffed the bags with fun Virginia items like Route 11 potato chips, Va peanuts, a postcard of Roanoke, a Virginia map and a personalized CD that was filled with songs that reminded us of our relationship or that were included in the reception.

To make the CD, Z and I went to Staples and bought a lot of blank CDs and then blank  CD labels that we designed with our colors and monogram. 

Finally, since most of our guests came from out of town, we decided to include fun restaurants or activities they could partake in around Roanoke. 

The middle had the times and addresses of all the important events-rehearsal dinner, the small party we had for everyone after the dinner, the ceremony time/place and the reception address. Then we included fun things to do and great restaurants to try while in Roanoke. 

The back had more of an "adult" theme meaning it was full of bar and club suggestions for those interested in going out after on Friday or Saturday after the reception.
Love, The Mrs. 


Megan said…
Awwww, these are absolutely perfect!!! Everything is so thoughtful!
Dee Stephens said…
Love the bags! Brad's cousin just got married in Richmond and they included those chips too along with a little bottles of bourbon and cokes and wine! ;)
Elizabeth said…
Love everything about these! They are perfect!

Would love for you to link this post up for today's Bridal Talk Tuesday on my blog! xoxo
Lauren said…
so great! we didn't have hardly any one from OOT so we didn't mess with OOT bags, but these are such a fun detail of a wedding!
birdie to be said…
I love the bags! So sweet for the out-of-towners!
Claire said…
OMG I LOVE THE VIRGINIA THEME! This is sooooo cute! What a nice way to welcome those that aren't familiar with our gorgeous state!
Marit said…
Ahh! Used to live in Roanoke - so familiar with all those places! Fork in the alley - great choice :)
Those are amazing! I love the handwritten card - makes it personal!! Darling!
Lauren said…
I love the idea of making a CD as part of the wedding favors! So cute with the colors and monogram too!

And congratulations on getting married!

Caroline said…
I love I love I love!!! That was the one wedding aspect I completely blanked on- I made the bags, and then forgot to deliver them to the hotel. Oops :)
el.vi. said…
What a great idea!! LOOOVE the cd sooo cute!

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