Napa Valley-Gabrielle Collection

Happy Thursday! 

Today I want to end our mini-moon posts by talking about one of the most romantic and serene places on earth- Gabrielle Collections. Gabrielle Collections is a family owned and operated winery on the couple's, Gabrielle and Wayne's, property, which is a large estate built on a magical piece of property in Napa Valley. 

What makes Gabrielle Collections so different from the other wineries is that its just you and the winemarker's, Gabrielle and Wayne. Yes, the couple actually spends the whole tasting with you, which just makes the whole thing just so personable and nice. 

Here is Z and I before the tasting in front of the pond they have in their backyard. 

The house. Gabrielle is in charge of all the gardens and decorations around the yard. Didn't she do a good job? I just love the white balls and lanterns that hung in the trees. 

 Wayne's grandfather, Pietro started a winery in Napa and was known for tipping his hat to visitors and friends as they walked by. Wayne wanted to honor that, so he designed the wine label to have a man tipping his hat. So cute. I love personal touches like that. 

After telling us a little bit about his family, Wayne walked us around the property and it was breathtaking. He had acres of vineyards, beautiful rose gardens, and a lavender plots as well. Aside from gardening, his wife, Gabrielle also makes lavender bath salts, facial mists, and air sprays. One day I will be that crafty. 

During our tasting, we didn't just taste wines, but salts and olive oils as well. Yup, you read that right, we had a salt tasting. Gabrielle makes her own salts as well. I swear there is nothing this woman can't do.  We tried lavender, rosemary, fennel and sage salts. To taste the salts, you lick a piece of piece of dark chocolate and then dip it into the salt. It was amazing and I immediately bought a small bottle of the lavender salt. 

After talking for two hours,  we ended our little love fest and went home to get ready for dinner, but it was definitely the perfect end for our first day of wine tastings in Napa.

And guys, seriously, if you are EVER in Napa, find a way to come here. You won't regret it. 


Dee Stephens said…
My Mom and I did the Phlaz wine country and Germany and happened onto a small family winery where we had a similiar experience.
It was great.. 3=generations of winemakers.
Love all your pictures.. beautiful!
Lauren said…
Wow, such an amazing place. I would LOVE a yard like that! Especially with the pond and gazebo! And that is such a cute picture of you two!

Have a great day!

Beautiful pictures! Sounds like such an amazing place! The winery is beautiful!
Emily said…
ohmygoodness, what an incredible experience :) I love the pictures, especially of you guys--you both look straight out of a j.crew/brooks brothers-esq adv.
Jas said…
so glad you guys had such a good time! miss you both already :)
Claire said…
This looks just lovely!!! What a perf little getaway!!!
Katie's Bliss said…
Wow what beautiful photos!

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